Mona Lisa Ondevilla, Success Coach for Intuitive Women & Entrepreneurs

Mona Lisa Ondevilla, Success Coach for Intuitive Women & Entrepreneurs


Would you love to use your light and intuition to build a rewarding business, career, and lifestyle that feels amazing and serves others?

Want to know EXACTLY what to do to get there?

I can help you.

I work with intuitive women who are craving for more joyful living. They love self help, consider themselves spiritual, and have the best intentions to put what they believe into practice, but they're stuck replaying the same self-sabotaging habits. If you feel burnt out, overwhelmed and guilty for constantly falling off the wagon, I can show you exactly how to overcome your inner limits and gain confidence in yourself and your light, so you can finally begin to live the life you truly desire.

Specifically you and I will be:

// Discovering YOUR CORE DESIRED FEELINGS to uncover what really motivates you and lights you up, deep down in your core

// Defining YOUR CORE MESSAGE AND PURPOSE, so you'll have a greater sense of direction and confidence every time you make a decision

// Developing A LIGHTWORKER MINDSET  so you move forward with energized focus and momentum (say goodbye to self-sabotaging and overwhelm)

// Effortlessly CREATING YOUR ACTION-DRIVEN PLAN that feels joyful to implement so you won't fall off the wagon and abandon your dreams

// Identifying and BANISHING YOUR FEARS AND NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS so they no longer stop you from going after what you truly desire

// Understanding HOW TO GET PAID FOR BEING A LIGHTWORKER so you can serve the people who need your message

What you get:

// In-depth questionnaire for me to get to know you

// 1.5 hour Breakthrough Intensive – for total clarity of your current stage of your journey and your personalized action plan

// 10 x 45 minute private coaching sessions

// Email Support – access to me in between sessions for feedback so that you can implement fast

// Resources, workbooks, and exercises that are relevant to your specific stage as a rising lightworker


At first, I thought I had too much to do and not enough time to put in the work. Now I'm able to check in with my Core Desired Feelings and counteract bad days! I recommend this to people who are feeling lost, stuck, or have a lot of hurt or disappointment in any aspect of their life. Mona Lisa is great at holding space, with her on the other end of the line I get so much accomplished, and I know she is there if I need help or guidance. It's not too much pressure, just the right amount of guidance. This is a great and fast way to figure out what you really want from life, relationships, a career and from yourself. Do not spend one more moment waiting, hoping or stumbling day in and day out. Make a plan and use it to get where you want to go. 

- Stacy Stranzl, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, CA



The Introverted Girl Boss Academy Online Program

(valued at $1500)


Full Pay

$3000 USD

Payment Plan

$1150 USD

For 3 months

EXTENDED Payment Plan (expires Jan. 31st!)

$862.50 USD

For 4 months


MANIFEST is for Intuitive Women Who:

// Are looking for a big change in direction because their job(s) drain them and/or don’t light them up

// Want a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in their lives, beyond what their role as a mom and/or wife gives them

// Have decided to no longer let their old stories and fears of being visible stop them from living their fullest life

// Are thinking of starting a holistic business serving other women, but don’t know where to start

// Desire having personalized high-level support in making this happen


Mona Lisa leads you to a clarity that already lives within you. She gives you the time and space to become more aware. She chaperones you through 'clearing the windshield' so you can see a fuller, unfettered view of the things that matter most to you and the things that need some attention. New opportunities are opening to me in my relationships, business, friendships, family and romance. I can't say enough what an exceptional guide I found in Mona Lisa.

- Laura Church, Saint Paul, MN

My biggest hesitation was opening myself up to a total stranger! You truly have to be vulnerable and honest,  and to do so with a stranger is scary and intimidating. My intuition was correct - by our first phone call, I felt so comfortable speaking my heart with Mona Lisa. It was like talking with my long lost best friend that you can tell everything to - the friend that listens, and provides you insight, advice and guidance, and whose advice you know is golden!

– Christa Pepper, Entrepreneur & Mindset Coach at LivingWithPep, Spanish Springs, NV


Mona Lisa's coaching style is down-to-earth, super-supportive, and  intuitive.The sessions were insightful, therapeutic and also enjoyable. Even though  each session was only 30 minutes, I feel like we accomplished so much in a short amount of time. She offered insight and new perspectives on my particular issues. She's a highly gifted life coach... I felt like she understood my struggles and knew what she was talking about.

– Catherine Pascual, Entrepreneur & Owner of

It was the one hour a week I felt I could think, feel, be, and say that way my heart and mind wanted. I felt that all the things going on in my head came out easily, without much effort. I felt that I have always known that this is how I need to be living my life and setting my goals.

- Rayane Al Achkar, Doha, Qatar


The benefits have been immeasurable. I started coaching with a lot of awareness of where I was in my life, but no real tools to get to the next level. The workshop gave me those tools! I’ve come alive with desire and feeling, and I have Mona Lisa and this workshop to thank for that! I’ve also become quite the manifestation magnet.The very next day after I finished my last session with Mona Lisa, my best friends invited me over for what turned out to be a surprise party for me!!! A party at which, they presented me with a car!

- Kendra Fountain, Voice Actor, Los Angeles, CA

I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, or how it would help me or my business. Working with Mona Lisa has helped me become more clear on what I want to do. I am more confident in myself, and have a better idea of the direction my business should go. She has helped me sort out all of my frustrations, and my unclear visions. The practical tools she gives me helps me focus not just on what I have to do, but the reasoning behind them, giving me better insight into my business. I recommend Mona Lisa’s coaching – she has a great upbeat personality and is good at listening to your problems or concerns. She also has good suggestions to help you solve them. She is very relatable, and actually cares about you and what you have to say!

– Andrea Eilerston, Entrepreneur & Lifestyle/Fitness Trainer @ SaFire


Mona Lisa has played such a valuable role throughout my journey. Entrepreneurship can be tough, and I’m so thankful that she was there just at the right time. With her previous expertise in the editorial world, she has so much to bring to the table. Young, bright, eager, spiritual, and inspirational, she always seems to have the right thing to say on the tip of her tongue. With Mona Lisa’s help, I was able to conquer things I don’t think would have been possible without her.

- Melissa Johnson, CEO & Creative Director of

I felt trapped working too much, having too little to show for it, and almost no time for myself and the things I love to do. My life has changed since I've started working with Mona Lisa... from the very tangible dream car I now get to drive every day, to less tangible things, like the confidence I've sought all my life, empowerment I never could have imagined, and the incredible abundance that comes from manifesting. I am now working less but making more money, and traveling and spending my free time the way I want to! My romantic relationship just keeps getting better, and I've never felt more my best self.

-  Aubrey Burris, Honolulu, HI