>> Feel called to help others, but have no idea where to find clients as a new coach?

>> Desperately need help prioritizing and mapping out your exact next steps to grow your new business?

>> Feel frustrated, unfocused, and stuck spinning your wheels trying to piece together all the things you "know you need to do"?

>> Feel tired and unhappy living a life that doesn't reflect who you really areand what you know you're capable of?


... because I was in your shoes only three short years ago.

As a dreamer, introvert and writer/nanny/corporate assistant/PR girl/waitress/barista (depending on when you knew me) with a ton of money mindset and visibility issues, it took me years to get my business off the ground.

I secretly feared I would never be successful  - that it would never happen for me.

It depressed me to think that one day, I would have to give up on my dreams and stay in a job I hated forever (and that my parents were right - I had to be more "realistic".)

I didn't want to die with my light still inside of me.

I wanted to be free to do life my way, to live somewhere that nourished me, to love every minute of my life (instead of waking up, dreading my day, and rushing through it), to travel more, and to do work that mattered.

But in reality, I felt miserable, drained and unfulfilled at the end of my days. When I sat down to work on my business, I had no idea what to focus on, didn't have the energy to figure it out, and didn't feel entirely convinced that I was good enough to even be charging for my services.

I almost gave up.

But the small, niggling voice inside of me (which I now know as my intuition) wouldn’t let me move on from my desire to have my own business and help others.

I knew that I had no choice - I had to create the life of my dreams, or face a lifetime of misery and unfulfilled potential (as an empath, I knew this would crush me because I feel everything at 100x the intensity of a normal person).

The thing is, it wasn't until I figured out how to create a coaching business that honors who I am – a soft-spoken, extroverted introvert and empath – thatI was finally able to attract amazing (and paying!) clients, and create a 6-figure coaching business that allowed me to leave my day job.

Now I own an incredibly fulfilling coaching business from my new home in San Diego, and I get to help introverted women around the world create successful businesses that allow them to live the life they know they were meant to live all along.


I’m not special (and I didn't have a trust fund, financial (or emotional) support, or even a savings account to start my business).

In fact, my coaching style hasn't even drastically changed since I first started out (though my bank account has)!

The difference is, I simply learned how to create a business that capitalizes on my unique strengths and stories, and to focus on the few tasks actually required to get clients (when I first started out, I was doing all the wrong things).

When I learned how to do that, things really started to flow for me.

Now, I’m able to guide my introverted, soft-spoken clients to create businesses and lives that they know they're meant to live.

It’s truly a win-win.

So if you’re feeling like you might be too introverted or that this whole “entrepreneur thing” won't work for you… rest assured that you have what it takes, as you are. And that those very things that you think may be stopping you – like your empathy, and intuition – can give you an edge as a coach.

If an introverted, sensitive, empathic girl from a small town and an immigrant family can do it, so can you.

Once you cut through the fluff and implement a proven system designed to get you clients as an introverted woman… life will feel amazing again, your work will flow, and you’ll finally be able to wake up ever morning, excited to start your day!


... and I’m no stranger to high-achievement and success. At age 14, I was the youngest person to ever write for my local newspaper, was at the top of my class, and attended Harvard Summer School for fun. After graduating college with honors in Interpersonal Communication, I worked for high-profile national magazines in NYC, and eventually went on to build my business and replace my corporate income as a coach in the year after I quit my job.

But what I’m most proud of is that today, I get to combine my ambition and drive with my intuition and empathy, to create a stable coaching business that allows me to make money and do what I love.


// Become crystal clear on who you are and who you serve as a coach, so you can effortlessly attract clients who adore working with you

// Have the peace of mind that comes with having a mentor who gets you and what you’re going through, so that you can focus on building your business without having to wonder… “am I doing this right?”

// Learn the next steps to take to make money as a coach by using a step-by-step system that capitalizes on your strengths as an introverted woman

// Blast through and transform any fears still holding you back from receiving abundance and joy

// Create a business that’s aligned with the way you want to work, so you can live life on your terms

// Create inspired content that speaks to your ideal clients, that will have them falling in love with you and your brand

// Design a signature coaching program that you feel excited to put out in the world because you’re confident about the value you provide

Here's a sneak peek at the kind of results past clients have seen...


Melissa Jay, Relationship Coach + Counsellor

Canmore, Alberta


Kim Harmon, Intuitive Coach

San Francisco, CA


Ebele Nduka, Health Coach

El Paso, TX


Ann Ball, Reiki Practioner & Intuitive Soul Coach

Fort Saskatchewan, AB


Andrea Claassen, Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Plymouth, MN


Since working with Mona Lisa, I have come from a place of,” I know I have a gift to share, I just don’t know what that is” to having a defined brand, defined strategy and defined goals. She also helped me work through my own blocks to achieve an abundance mindset. I have manifested job opportunities, speaking and podcast interviews, and amazing clients.

– Christa Pepper, Fitness Coach, Spanish Springs, NV


Mona Lisa helped me distill down the concerns that were frustrating me the most—i.e. getting clear on my message, who I was directing it to, and in what capacity I’d be delivering it… I gained a confidence in myself that I hadn’t yet tapped into. It helped me wake up to the fact that I am indeed beyond capable of doing great work in the world.

- Ebele Nduka, Health Coach, Austin, TX


I always knew deep down that I wanted to help others, but I needed to know what direction to go in. I was so scattered before!

Now, I have more confidence. I now know how to market and brand myself, and I realize my own strengths and what I can play up. I’m really grateful to work with Mona Lisa and to have her encouragement and presence – I wouldn’t have been able to start my coaching business and come this far without her. 

– Sara Inge, Transformational Coach, New York, NY 


> 2 x 1.5 Hr. Mini Intensives, so that you establish confidence and clarity in who you are as a coach and leave with a custom strategy post-AWAKEN

> 10 x 45 Min. Coaching Sessions, so that we can dive deep and implement the structures needed for your coaching business to attract your first clients

> An in-depth welcome packet, for me to get to know you, so I can custom create a plan for you

> Direct email access to me, so that you don’t have to wait until your next session to get your most pressing questions answered

> Access to my resources, tools and network, which will save you from having to do hours and hours of research (not to mention the headache!)


> Lifetime Access to The Introverted Girl Boss Academy, my complete online course containing everything you need to launch an online coaching business ($1497 Value)

> Access to a Money Mindset Masterclass with Lifestyle Coach Sabrina Weber, so you can receive extra support on clearing up any money blocks that can keep you sabotaging your bank account ($197 Value)





IF THIS FEELS RIGHT, AND YOU FIND YOURSELF NODDING YOUR HEAD AND THINKING… “I KNOW I NEED THIS,” then click the “I’M READY” button above to get started right away.

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual….

Back to feeling the burden of working in a dissatisfying job, that pays the bills to live a mediocre life, wondering what to do in your business to actually get clients, frustrated, overwhelmed and disorganized… and wondering if this can actually happen for you,or if it’s just for "other people".

(You know, the ones with the swoon-worthy programs, clients who rave about them, luxurious and exciting travel plans, and the freedom to live life on their own terms.)

FROM THE OUTSIDE, IT MAY LOOK LIKE I’M ONE OF THE "OTHER PEOPLE" WHO WAS JUST BORN WITH THE SKILL SET TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. But look past the first impression, dig just a little deeper, and you’ll see that I struggled too, for over five years, sadly looking over the fence at the "other people" who somehow figured it out….

Then I learned the skills and structures that I’ll share with you in this program. I learned how to use my strengths and my stories, and found out what I was reallycapable of. And in 1 year, I went from living with my grandparents, broke and stuck in a 9-5… to being able to live in San Diego in style, planning luxury trips that I’ve dreamed about my entire life, and serving an international clientele who I absolutely love working with.

Again, I want emphasize that I’m not special… I’m simply a woman who believed in her dreams, and finally learned how to make those dreams a reality. And I want to help you do the same.

Click the button below to get started.

I'm looking forward to working with you in this program!

Light & Light,


P.S. My Signature Coaching Program, “Awaken Your Lightworker Superpowers: Create A Business That Authentically Represents You Online So You Can Confidently Attract The Right Clients,” is EXCLUSIVELY designed for the woman coach who is ready to move past her old stories and fears, and inspired to take concrete action on her business by learning the step-by-step strategy to create a stable, income-generating coaching business online



PILLAR 1: Month 1


+Your Goals, Core Desired Feelings and Profit-Generating Business Model

+ Discovering Your Message, Who You Are As A Coach, and What Makes You Stand Out To Your Tribe

PILLAR 2: Month 2


+ Your Ideal Client

+ Your Signature Packages, Pricing & Sales Pages

PILLAR 3: Month 3


+List Building: Create Your Free Gift and Promote Via Paid Advertising &Organic Traffic

+ Creating Your Content Calendar So You Can Consistently Provide Value

PILLAR 4: Month 4


+ Email Marketing & Automation

+How to Confidently Sell Your Programs On A Discovery Session

PILLAR 5: Months 1-4


+ Wealth Consciousness & Money Mindset Mastery

+ Blast Through & Transform Any Fears Still Holding You Back


How do I know this won’t just be another program I do that doesn’t end up helping me?

If you’re ready to commit to yourself and your business, and willing to do what it takes to create a fun and profitable coaching practice, AWAKEN YOUR LIGHTWORKER SUPERPOWERS will be of massive value to you. If you show up to our sessions, listen to my guidance and do your homework, it’ll be really hard not to succeed.

I also want to make this 100% clear - I can’t create your business and do the work for you. I am here to guide you to your next right actions, lovingly call you out if you try to self sabotage, and to create the space for you to connect with your inner power and knowing so you can find transformation and clarity for yourself.

I’m afraid that I’m a coaching fraud and that you’ll find out.

I hear this one all the time, and I get it – I used to feel like a big, red, “FRAUD” label was written across my forehead.

This is the fear that keeps us small and has us asking, “Who am I to play big?”

Let me tell you, if you’re here – you’re not a fraud. You already know that deep down.

Wanna know how I know that? Because you landed on a page that’s all about learning how to be a lightworker – discovering how to be of service in the world, and how to make money in a fun, aligned (and can I get a hallelujah for STABLE?!) way. To start AWAKEN YOUR LIGHTWORKER SUPERPOWERS, you don’t have to have anything besides a burning desire to start your purpose-driven and light-filled life today.

How many times do we meet, and what kind of support will I receive?

We will meet for 2 x 1.5 hour Breakthrough Intensive and 10 x 45 min. Coaching Sessions over the course of 4 Months. You’ll also receive complete email access to me throughout the program.

How do I know this is right for me?

You just… know. Seriously - your intuition will tell you. Of course, your mind will demand some logic to back it up, so here’s a breakdown to satisfy the left-side of your brain:

AWAKEN YOUR LIGHTWORKER SUPERPOWERS is exclusively for women who:

---> want to create a stable income in their business, and eventually want to leave the job(s) that drain them and don't give them any sense of meaning or purpose

---> know they are meant for something more, and are ready to step up into living their best life

---> have committed to starting a coaching business, but need some serious help prioritizing and figuring out what to do next

---> have worked with a few clients, but don't have a stable and consistent income from clients that they love working with

What type of results can I expect from the program?

You’ll know exactly how to get your first clients and build an online coaching business that gives you the freedom to live the life you know you're meant to live. Then, you'll be free to do whatever you want to do with your life - travel, move closer to the ocean, go on luxe yoga retreats, enjoy your relationships unburdened by worry and fear, live in your dream home...

You'll also leave knowing how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs using my best lightworker tools, so you never again have to feel stuck or hopeless in the face of fear or hardship - you'll know how to overcome anything.


100%. I have a general structure that I’ve found works really well, but I create a custom plan for where you are on your journey, and tailor the program to what you need.

What kind of accountability is built into the program?

I give you homework and we meet weekly - there’s not much room to hide. Plus, if I notice that you're sliding or trying to self-abandon, I'll lovingly guide you back to building your business, and help you transform any limiting beliefs you're coming up against that may be slowing you down.

Who is this NOT for?

This isn't for women who aren't fully committed to doing the transformational work and the business work required of her in order to be successful.  If that sounds like you, then this program likely won't be of service for you - I can only meet you halfway.

AWAKEN YOUR LIGHTWORKER SUPERPOWERS is for the die-hard dreamer, the go-getting lightworkers, and the ones with firepower in her soul who know that she's meant for something bigger... and is determined to get there.

If you have any more questions about the program, click here to schedule your complimentary “Awaken” Discovery Session with me and we’ll chat!