IT 006: The Power Of Your Period + An Intimate Look At My Monthly Practices For Tuning In

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below. What do you think of when you think of October?

For me, October brings to mind caramel apples, cozy nights in enjoying the rain, nature hikes, pumpkin patch visits and romantic picnics.

October's Energy Invites Us Inward

On a deeper level, my body and intuition sense a subtle shift in energy. My attention is quietly drawn inward (even more so than usual!), and I feel a pull to nurture myself and witness what's happening in my body.

In today's Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, I want to share my monthly method for tapping into my inner wisdom. I've never talked about this before, so definitely tune in!


Not an audio learner? That's OK. Read the article transcription below.

Today, in the spirit of fall and the energy of going inward, I want to talk about periods.

Yes, you heard that right.

A Taboo Topic That Shouldn't Be Taboo At All

I have to admit, it makes me feel a little squeamish talking about it because it feels taboo (I even considered other words for "period" like "mother's gift from nature" or "menstrual cycle"), but let's be real - I call it "my period" when it comes around. Anyway, I realized there's no reason to be ashamed of it - we're all adults here.

It's a huge part of being a woman, and learning how to be in touch with our monthly cycles, through awareness and love, can change our perspective on our feminine bodies.

Period = All In Your Head?

Growing up, I had bad cramps and mood swings. My dad used to tell me, my mom and my 2 sisters, "it's all in your our head". It was funny at the time, but looking back, that message told me that my "womanly stuff" didn't matter.

Eventually, I ended up in the ER with really bad cramps, and was diagnosed with endometriosis. After I did some research, I learned from Dr. Christiane Northrup that endometriosis is a woman's body's way of drawing her attention to a very specific problem - the conflict between her innermost emotional needs, and what the world is demanding from her.

Your Period is a Sacred Invitation to Listen To Your Body

After I learned how to embrace myself and acknowledge my period as a sacred invitation to go inward, my cramps subsided, and I was able to avoid regular surgery (which my doctor said was inevitable).

3 Tips For Tuning Into Your Monthly Inner Wisdom

Whether or not you have awful cramps, or you get more emotional and moody and crave chocolate, I have some tips for you to make the most of your period.

  1. I want to banish the myth that your period is a time when you're "super emotional". Our periods are a time when the veils and facades that we carry so well during the rest of the month, drop. We feel how we really feel, and can't help it. Things that aren't working and things that are bothering us that we've been ignoring, come to the surface. We are forced to acknowledge what we don't want to acknowledge. I invite you to take advantage of this time and tune in - what is your body telling you? This is a time to notice and release the crap that isn't working in our lives, as much as we can. Listen and go inward.

  2. If you do have cramps (or get sore anywhere), I have a really cool mantra for you (I call it my period mantra!). I focus on the area that's hurting and I say "you are loved. you are safe. you are beautiful." It shifts the energy and makes me feel instantly better, even if it still hurts.

  3. Lastly, I want you to give yourself permission to practice the art of extreme self care (a phrase coined by author Cheryl Richardson). Be OK with disappointing other people, if it means taking care of yourself.

Brene Brown said it best when she wrote, "Daring to Set Boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others."

The next time your period comes, try one or all of these techniques. Commit to your favorite one right now, and let me know how it goes - I'd love to hear about the insight you gain.

I hope that this has served you and I will see you next, next Tuesday for Intuitive Tuesday!

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