054: The EXACT 3-Step Strategy I Used To Go From 0 Clients To Fully Booked


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Episode 54: The EXACT 3-Step Strategy I Used To Go From 0 Clients To Fully Booked

Alright, SO today I’m super excited to be sharing a very practical 3-step strategy that you can use TODAY to finally book your own dream clients consistently so you can quit your job, work from home, travel the world… or fill in what you’d love to do with all that newfound freedom you’ll have once you leave the daily grind! That’s just what I did.

Sound good?

Before I get into the strategy, I want to emphasize that in order for this to work for you REALLY WELL - and it’ll work regardless if you do what I’m about to tell you, but you’ll just be less effective and probably get a client here and there rather than booking yourself solid with a waiting list and a full coaching roster - you have GOT to work on your mindset.

That’s why so far, MOST of my Podcast episodes have been about mindset - because if it was just about the strategy, then anyone who implemented any strategy that works would be successful.

The secret ingredient behind the strategy is you - you’ve got to condition yourself to be an energetic match with all that you desire.

It’s probably the same with the topic you’re coaching on, right?

For example, if you’re a new transformational career coach, likely, you’ll have a step-by-step strategy or curriculum that you walk your clients through. HOWEVER… you know it’s not just about the strategy. The client has to actually do the work, and bring a certain amount of energy, excitement and passion to it in order for her to find her dream job. She can’t just go through the motions of applying to any old job, going to her interviews with zero confidence, thinking she’s not gonna get it anyway so she shouldn’t get her hopes up anyway. That WON’T work, not for the level of greatness that she’s designed for.

And I’m HERE for you to rise into your greatness. It’s not even about you just being a fully-booked coach - I want you to be the GREATEST, MOST JOYFUL version of you as a coach you can be!!

Got it?


OK, so now that we’re on the same page about mindset and energy, I’m gonna share why this simple, 3-step strategy actually works to book clients before I dive into the nitty gritty details of the 3 steps.

If you listen carefully… I didn’t say that this strategy is going to make you internet famous, or appear in every media outlet out there, or even have a ton of visibility and followers.

I simply said… you’ll be FULLY BOOKED.

Now, if what matters to you right now is that you have a mega following and you’re on the cover of Oprah Magazine and on the path to booking an agent for a book deal, THIS PODCAST EPISODE IS NOT FOR YOU. I fact, I haven’t done any of those things - yet - so I’m not your girl for those topics. That’s not to say I won’t have an expert come in and speak about those things, but that’s not my area of expertise (by the way, see what I just did there? I’m fully aware of what I’m GOOD AT and what I know and can provide as value as a business coach, and what I’m not good at. It helps me not feel like I have to know everything under the sun, and allows me to get REALLY good at what I do know without distraction! I highly recommend you do the same in your coaching practice.)

The reason I can SO STRONGLY speak to this is because back when I used to sell $197/month programs, I didn’t focus on becoming fully booked. Instead, I followed whatever new ideas came to me based on what I read somewhere online, or based on whatever new creative whim formed in my mind that I’d passionately write on a post it-note and forget about in a week.

(By the way, I had a MUCH HARDER TIME getting clients at that rate than I do with my current private coaching rates, which START AT 6 times that amount at the time this episode airs).

I had all passion, all creativity, and NO FOCUS ON BEING FULLY BOOKED.

So I spun my wheels, getting nowhere, and eventually had to go back to a regular 9-5 job, even though I had already invested a lot into online marketing courses and I was a certified coach. I thought... maybe I should just be a yoga teacher, teach English in another country, or maybe move to India to experience the REAL spiritual journey because this whole, far-fetched coaching thing wasn’t working out.  I even seriously considered creating sustainable coconut-leaf-made grocery bags and selling them at the Farmer’s Market and eventually to Trader Joe’s. It was quite the learning experience.

All of that to say… if you’re at the point where you’ve claimed that coaching is for you, and that you’re ready to focus on creating a FULL TIME LIVING being a coach, this 3-step strategy is for you.

If you’re where I was when I was trying to be the next big BAG lady… not so much.

So let’s get into this magical, simple 3-step strategy that worked for me to consistently book clients online that I know will work for you, too.

  1. Step 1 - Make Your Premium, Signature Coaching Program Based On Solving A Specific Problem That Your Ideal Client Needs Solved NOW (like they are CONSUMED with this problem and ready for it to be solved already.Anything less is going to be a waste of your time and energy. I remember this being hard for me to hear because I was like, well, what about the people who NEED the solution and don’t know they do? What if I wanna help them? Or if they’re curious about the problem? NO NO NO. It’s not enough for someone to purchase a premium coaching program if their problem is a “would be nice to solve” or a problem they don’t even know they have!! Like I always say… ain’t nobody got time for that!! What’s premium pricing? It’s up to you right now and where you are with your wealth consciousness and what feels good to price. Think about pricing like Goldilocks and the 3 little bears - you’ve got to find the pricing that feels good to you right now. Not too small, not too big, just right.If you need help finding your ideal client AND/OR creating a premium signature coaching program, you’re in luck because I’m hosting a flash sale for you to get these exact 2, in-depth modules plucked right out of my signature coaching program curriculum. Head to bit.ly/secret54 to get this deal now!

  2. Step 2 - Create A Mega Valuable Free Gift/Opt-In/Lead Magnet that will have your ideal clients have a quick win, that THEN directly leads into your premium signature coaching program.What I mean by that is to HAVE your program MAKE SENSE to be your ideal clients’ NATURAL NEXT STEP in their evolution, once they complete the free gift and see their quick win.A LOT of what is taught out there in the online marketplace is to create your opt-in first based on what you think is gonna convert, and THEN build your signature program and hope that people sign up.This is what I was taught at first, and it didn’t work and now looking at it, it makes sense why it didn’t!The program MUST make sense directly after your opt-in.The first opt-in’s I chose were a challenge, and then eventually, I started hosting my own webinars.

  3. Step 3 - OK cool, so now the LAST STEP is to promote your opt-in through your ONE CHOSEN CHANNEL. I emphasize ONE because unless you have the resources to hire out a social media manager, PR Director, Podcast partner manager, you will not have time to be everywhere at once, ESPECIALLY if you’re in a job in addition to building out your business on the side.Here are two of my fave options: Paid Social Media Traffic (HIGHLY recommend this, even if you’re just starting out, as long as you know what you’re doing!! You can start for as little as $5 a day for 2 days) and Podcasting (you can build your content, build your voice, and build your tribe through partnering with other ladies who have a following and can help you by putting you in front of your ideal clients).Other options: Organic Social Media Traffic (Select your fave platform where your ideal clients hang out, I chose Instagram when I was starting out), Blogging, Networking in FB groups, Networking in person, YouTube, Starting your own FB group, be creative and think of where you’d like to shine if it’s not on this list.

So to sum up, the 3-step strategy is this:

Create Your Premium Signature Coaching Program > Create A Free Gift That DIRECTLY Leads To Your Program > Promote Your Free Gift On One Channel That You’ll Focus On Completely & Knock Out Of The Park!

That’s all ladies. That’s it. There is NOTHING else outside of this that you need to do to get clients and book yourself solid, so don’t look all over the place for a different strategy if that’s your goal!!

What I just shared with you is what actually matters when it comes to building a full time coaching business online!!

And remember, if you’re interested in taking advantage of my flash sale and you’re listening around the time this airs in Feb 2018, head to bit.ly/secret54 and you’ll get immediate access to my ideal client clarity module from my signature private coaching curriculum.

I hope that this has served you and gotten your wheels turning. I’ll see you on the next episode of Love, Light and Business!!

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