055: What To Do When You're Frazzled, Ungrounded & Feel Like You're "Just Another Coach"


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Episode 55: What To Do When You're Frazzled, Ungrounded & Feel Like You're "Just Another Coach"

If you feel frazzled, ALL over the place, and a tad bit insecure in your new business, and you want NOTHING more than to feel energized and confident, you’re going to love today’s episode.

I’m going to share a BIG mindset tip that will help you feel more grounded in your business, and a really awesome way to authentically differentiate yourself online. Let’s get started!


If you’re a new entrepreneur, chances are you are SUPER excited for the prospect of having your own full time coaching practice… and SUPER frazzled and confused about all of the things you have to do. Last time, I shared the ONE simple funnel that you can focus on as a new coach to book your coaching practice, and today, I’m going to share a big mindset tip that will help you feel even more grounded.

So let’s get right into it!

I wanna start by asking you something - what do you think needs to happen before you start getting consistent clients, and make enough money to leave your job and have all of the freedom you desires?

If you’re anything like how I was, you may believe you have to be mega internet famous with a huge following in order to make real money online.

That notion - that I had to be the Internet’s NEXT BIG THING - kept me paralyzed. I constantly compared myself to other coaches, and went back and forth between feeling like I had something to share with the world, and feeling like I couldn’t even compete because everyone else was offering something much more interesting than I was.

I asked myself, who was I to hang my shingle as a transformational coach when there were a million other coaches out there? Who would even care?

I thought I had to build a big newsletter list, a huge social media following, maybe write a book, do a ton of guest blogging, establish myself as a speaker, have a GORGEOUS website… and THEN I’d start getting clients.

If I hadn’t tossed that notion out of the window, I wouldn’t be a coach today.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have those things, or want those things even now, but it wasn’t a requirement for me to achieve freedom from my 9-5 and make it as a full-time 6 figure coach.

So ask yourself - what contingencies are you putting on your dreams? What are you telling yourself NEEDS to happen before you make it online?

And is that really true?

Because if your dreams stay vague and hazy - or too many steps ahead of where you are today - you won’t have the power to manifest because you’ll be giving off unclear vibes to the Universe. One day you might want a killer website, the next day you might want to partner with people, the next day you’re trying to learn how to guest blog or learn SEO. It’s too frantic and all over the place.

Does that make sense?

OK, next I’d love to help ground you into what ACTUALLY needs to happen for the majority of you.

Most of you are still in a 9-5, and you’re DREAMING of handing in your 2 weeks notice to your boss and NEVER looking back.

For most of you, what you desire most and what’s NEXT for you is FREEDOM. Not fame, not a book, not a retreat in Bali.

Are you with me?

Cool. So then the question becomes, how do you achieve FREEDOM from your job?

Well, that depends on how much you need to make in order to feel comfortable leaving your job, or supporting yourself full-time in your coaching business.

So come up with a number (Click here to grab your copy of my free show notes for this episode to complete this exercise) that feels good - that includes it all. Break it down - what does that look like per year, per month?

For many of you starting out, that number will be between $5-10K for FREEDOM and then $10K-$20K for feeling like you’re living abundantly.

Once you have that number, the question becomes, how much is your signature program, and how many clients do you need to book every month in your signature program to sustain that number? If it’s $5K, you might need 2 2500 clients or 5 1000 clients or 10 500 clients.

2-10 clients a month isn’t THAT MUCH. IT doesn’t require a MEGA following. A world tour. A book. It does require you to have your systems set up and in place, but it doesn’t require you to be famous first. Make sense?

COOL. So maybe right now, you’re like OK Mona Lisa, I got it - so I need 5 clients a month. Who is going to wanna work with me if there are a million other transformational/health/career/relationship (pick your niche) coaches out there?

Well, you’ve GOT TO SHOW up as YOU online - not as this idea of who you think you should be.

YOUR VIBE attracts your tribe.

Cause while there are a lot of other coaches doing what you wanna do, no one is going to share your message in the way you’re sharing it. Think about it - Beyonce didn’t say, oh, you know what, there are so many good singers in the world, nevermind. And her songs aren’t about anything wildly original - she’s talking about love, relationships, women running the world… and she’s put HER unique flavor into it.

Like Beyonce, I didn't re-invent the wheel here. I didn't invent online marketing and funnels. I learned it from experience, yes, and also from teachers who learned from their teachers, who learned from their teachers. Your content isn't original - you are original, and the way you show up is unique to you.

You’ve got to learn how to infuse YOUR personality into your marketing, write the way you talk, and share your stories. Share what you’ve been through. Be a human. What got you to where you are today? What makes you passionate about what you’re doing?

In the show notes, I’m going to have you write something called your origin story.

The story that explains what GOT YOU HERE, what drives you, how you came to be a coach and do what you’re doing today.

If you feel squeamish at all about writing about yourself, and you think - OMG who actually cares about all of this, I don’t wanna talk about myself - I want to tell you… you’re right.

Your story is going to sound boring and irrelevant and unrelatable to MOST PEOPLE in the world. But to your tribe, those who will wanna work with you and learn from you, your story is going to sound like music to their ears.

Alright so that is ALL for today’s episode, I’ll see you on the next episode of the Love, Light And Business Podcast.

Download Episode 55's Show Notes