2015 Intuitive Tuesday Podcast Roundup!

I've gathered up all of my Intuitive Tuesday (IT) podcast episodes so you can catch up before the New Year. Feel free to binge listen, and enjoy!

IT 001: The Power Of Habit Learn How to Free Your Time By Becoming Aware Of Your Habits

IT 002: 4 Steps To Banishing Late Night Fears My favorite technique for banishing late night fears

IT 003: The Story Behind The 30 Day Energy Cleanse (It's Not What You Think!) Find out the real reason I created the 30 Day Energy Cleanse

IT 004: 2 Practices For More Money, Time & Love Learn how you might be self sabotaging and discover 2 practices to start receiving more today

IT 005: My Weird Pre-Coaching Ritual + Mercury Retrograde Learn why rituals are super important, and learn more about the weird effects of Mercury Retrograde!

IT 006: The Power Of Your Period + An Intimate Look At My Monthly Practices For Tuning In Learn 3 tips for tuning into your monthly inner wisdom

IT 007: Why Being Off-Balance Is Productive & How The Ideal Of Balance Sucks Energy Discover why being out of balance is totally OK and how to succeed even when you're not balanced

IT 008: How to Gracefully Decline Holiday Party Invites Without Massive Guilt This one is for all of my introverts! I'll teach you my pain free process for politely declining invites, without feeling guilt

IT 009: 3 Words That Will Change Your Life (Hint: It’s NOT “I Love You”) I'm excited to share exactly how I plan my life with a lightworker mindset. I'm also sharing a bonus, downloadable resource, so you can see just how powerful it is for yourself!