057: The Only Reason You Have No Clients (Yet!) & Still Feel Stuck In Your Business… And What To Do About It


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Hey loves, and welcome to the Love Light and Business Podcast! I am SO happy to be recording a new episode of the Podcast – we moved website hosting and our podcast to a completely new platform, and it was a much longer and complicated process than I thought… and this got pushed to the bottom of the pile.

But I’m back, and ready to start off this new season with fresh episodes for you, the intuitive, introverted and empath lightworker.

At the time this Podcast is coming up, I am feeling the inward, introspective energy of fall…

Which brings me to today’s topic – I can’t wait to bring with you today’s topic, “the only reason you have no clients (yet!) & Still Feel Stuck In Your Business … and what to do about it.”

Let’s get into it! 

I know that many of you are in the early stages of business – you don’t have consistent coaching income and clients yet, and you still feel like a new entrepreneur.

You question if you’re a legitimate business owner, because you’re not sure if you have the right structures set up to bring you quality leads, and clients you love working with… nothing is working, yet.

This is a VERY normal place to be… I hung out there for the first 2 years of my business! 

I also noticed that many of you have been in this early stage of business for longer than is comfortable… and it’s starting to feel very, very uncomfortable.

I know this feeling, because I’ve felt it.

For some of you, to get to this point might take half a year. For others, a year. For others, it could mean 5 years.

Before I dive into the ONLY reason you’re not getting clients and what to do about it, I wanna share 3 signs that YOU are at this entrepreneurial fork in the road where something WILL change, whether or not you’re ready for it… I like to see it as, the Universe is nudging you along!

  1. You’re starting to feel desperate – like you’re out of time, money, patience, and you’ve done everything you can. You’re grasping at straws trying to make it happen.

  2. You feel more heavy than light when you think about your business. The initial wave of excitement you had when you first started out, and had the idea to be a coach, is gone, except for the little bursts of enthusiasm you have here and there.

  3. You start to compromise your desires and think things like, it’s ok if I don’t become a FULL time coach, and live the lifestyle I really desire. As long as I make a difference somehow, some way – even if it’s in my 9-5! – I’ll be happy. You’re starting to move away from your dreams in order not to feel hurt if they don’t happen.

From what I’ve observed, this is the make or break it point for entrepreneurs, where the road splits into 3 paths -

  1. You stay feeling this way – like a new entrepreneur who isn’t really getting anywhere – indefinitely. Everything starts to feel more heavy, and you feel frustrated, self-defeated, and your self confidence is shot. Your initial enthusiasm and message feels dim and far away.

  2. You throw in the towel and decide, this isn’t gonna work for me. It’s time to give up, get a job, stop dreaming. This breaking point might take years for you to get to, but you get here nonetheless. This is gonna sound harsh, but you settle for YOUR version of mediocre.

  3. You DO NOT BACK DOWN. Instead, you decide that enough is enough and you make a decision to stop letting your fears, doubts, and excuses win. You decide to take on the mindset of the version of you who is successful, and you are diligent about making mindset your priority.

If you’re listening to this right now, I want to take a moment to directly speak to YOU – if we were in the same room, I’d be looking you right in the eye.

I wanna tell you - if you are HERE, hearing this message – number 3 is the only option for you.

You are MEANT TO DO GREAT THINGS, and you owe it to yourself to LIVE OUT YOUR DESIRES, whatever they may be.

Maybe your desires shift and evolve along the way – that’s great, that’s normal – but I NEVER, EVER want you to give up on yourself and settle for a mediocre life. You are meant for more. 

The ONLY Reason You Have No Clients & Feel Stuck In An Unaligned Job is because you are not fully committed, in one way to another, to your personal transformation AND thriving business success.

Maybe you are doing the strategy… but you’re inconsistent with your DAILY SPIRITUAL MINDSET PRACTICE. You push it to the side, thinking it’s not as important as the marketing, but deep down – you know that’s a lie.

Or maybe you are doing daily mindset work… but you’ve neglected to find the right strategy that works for you, and you’re not taking REAL LIFE ACTION.

Or maybe – and this is where I was stuck - you still had an exit plan, a backup job in case it didn’t all work. A part of you doesn’t wanna let go of the perceived safety of thinking, “if it doesn’t work I can still... have a 9-5, be a nanny, work for X company, etc.” When you make decisions from this place… they come with the option of failure, and things like investing in your business become scary.

When success if your only option, and you KNOW and feel that in  your soul… your decisions become aligned with success.

And like I shared, I have felt it all when it comes to taking full responsibility and commitment to my transformation and my business. 

In the beginning, I wasn’t business savvy at ALL and thought… the Universe will bring me the right clients! I will meditate, and feel aligned, and network, and trust that the right people will somehow find me if they are meant to work with me. When that didn’t work… 

I swung the other way - I bought all the courses, bookmarked all the articles, took a thousand notes. I was like a sponge, soaking in all the online marketing strategy (which was confusing, because often people taught conflicting things). 

What was actually happening was that I had a lot of beliefs running in the background that were stopping me, that I had NOT worked through… 

To name a few, I thought that success only meant HARD WORK and unhappiness. 

I didn’t feel right about receiving financial compensation for the work I was doing.

I felt safer playing small. 

It wasn’t until I finally stopped RUNNING and denying my sabotaging beliefs that I was able to heal them, and create the space I needed for my business to thrive.

It was hard. I meditated a LOT. I cried a LOT on the floor, especially when I did the inner child work. It wasn’t FUN.

But wanna know what’s harder?


I’m not perfect today – I don’t think anyone is ever DONE healing their limiting beliefs - but I’ve transformed ENOUGH to have a successful thriving business and lifestyle.

So, I promised to share what to do about this –

You have to figure out what beliefs  - and they are often ONE OR TWO major ones – are stopping you from achieving your next step of success and happiness.

Once you do that, you’ve got to re-write the beliefs. I’ve shared a process for that in episode #42.

And if you’ve tried to do this before, but you haven’t been able to discover the ACTUAL limiting belief you need to heal right now, or stick with your spiritual work, or learn the strategy YOU need… it’s time to get REAL SERIOUS about this work, like your life depends on it, OR get a coach.

I’ve had the biggest breakthroughs in my life as a result of working directly with a transformational business coach.

Whether you’re called to work alone, with me, or someone else, it doesn’t matter – but MAKE IT A POINT TO GET YOURSELF THE BREAKTHROUGH YOU NEED right now, so you are not stuck for a minute longer.

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Alright, so that is ALL FOR TODAY’S episode… I hope that this has served you, and I’ll see you next time on the next episode of the Love, Light & Business Podcast!

Mona Lisa Ondevilla