056: How To Stay High-Vibe When You’re In A 9-5


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Episode 56: How To Stay High-Vibe When You’re In A 9-5

Hey loves, and welcome to the Love Light and Business Podcast! So I commonly get asked the question, how do I stay high vibe when I’m in a 9-5? At surface level, it makes complete sense to ask this question when you’re working your butt off to transition into the holy grail of online business - having your heart-centered, coaching business thats LIGHTS YOU UP with joy replace your day job income so you can finally be free to do YOU in the biggest way possible!

But eventually - and this has happened to all of us ladies, and if you say otherwise you are lying! -  somewhere along the path, you have moments where you start to feel drained, tired, overwhelmed by all of the work you have to do, and you start to feel… you know, low-vibe and in serious need of some sage.

And if you’re anything like how I was, you might even judge yourself for feeling low-vibe and doubtful of it can actually happen for you, and start to think, holy crap, I’m manifesting against myself… and then think, oh, wait, I’m not supposed to judge myself… I’m gonna manifest doom and gloom… and then, oh crap, I’m NEVER gonna get out of this 9-5….  and then spiral from there.

Hopefully you don’t go down this downward spiral as often as I did (there was a point I did this every single night at around 2am), and if you do, know that you’ll be ok as long as you don’t give up on yourself - I mean, I turned out pretty well! But anyway, I digress... !

So, at any rate, it’s often at this point, or on reflecting on your bad experience, that you then ask yourself, ok, how do I stay high-vibe while I’m in this 9-5?!

You might follow that train of thought with: because it’s so hard for me to stay high-vibe when I hate my job, hate my boss, feel like this won’t even work for me, feel so afraid of being stuck in this situation forever, feel like I’m not doing any work that matters, wonder if I can even get compete with other coaches in the marketplace… you get the idea.

So, the problem with asking yourself this question is that it is often born out of fear, and also assumes a lack of being high-vibe on your part.

Do you see how that works? It’s subtle, but it’s there. The question itself makes a few assumptions… 1) that you have to stay high vibe 2) that you’re not high vibe already and focuses on the feeling of not being high-vibe because of your 9-5. 3) that it’s possible to even stay high vibe in your 9-5 (I’m not saying that it’s not, BUT for some of you, the universe might be making it extra hard and trying to get you to leave it so a different job or to go full time!!)

Does that make sense why this is the wrong question to ask?

I know this topic can be a little heady, but I know you guys can roll with this, and honestly, it’s in these small every day questions that we ask ourselves that can reveal so much about where we put our focus.

We’ve got to learn how to start asking better questions of ourselves - stronger questions that feel good to ask, AND to answer.

How does it make you feel when you think, “how do I stay high-vibe when I’m in a 9-5?” Personally, it makes me feel like I need to DO a bunch of things I’m not already doing, and make some kind of list to follow. I also started writing a list to answer this question - I was excited, and was like, I’m ON IT, I can list a ton of things to do to stay high-vibe and share what I did - until I got really grounded and realized - this doesn’t feel expansive. Maybe I’ll be excited to write this list, but how feasible is it anyway for anyone to literally follow this list every day of their life? I know I’ve read a bunch of lists that I’ve thought were inspiring, but haven’t taken action on consistently. They could probably write a better list that’s more applicable to themselves if they really wanted to! SO the answer ISN’T EVEN the real issue here - it’s the question.

So, what’s a better question to ask?

Pause this Podcast - really, do it - and jot down what a better feeling question to ask would be.

What is a more powerful, empowering question to ask yourself that will help you instantly feel connected?

I’ll give you a moment.

I hope you did that and paused! So I’ll share a few better questions, and you can add these to what you’ve come up with.

How am I already high-vibe? What am I doing right now that makes me so incredibly happy to be me? What am I excited to create? What am I grateful for?

And let me give you a hint - write down answers that immediately FEEL GOOD because feeling good is the point. Feeling good IS high vibe. Isn’t that awesome? You can START small - with where it feels good already - even if those things have nothing to do with your business. So if your 9-5 doesn’t feel so good to think about right now, don’t focus on it! Instead, think… mmm, I really love this chai latte or tea I’m drinking.

Seriously, I have GREAT taste in tea though. Or, this blanket is super warm and snuggly… and being warm and snuggly is wonderful. Train yourself to BASK in this moments and notice it, and don’t even entertain the shitty questions you ask yourself with energy (and if you do, that’s ok, too - come back!).

One of my go-to warm thoughts is my husband - how he’s mega supportive, and literally, super warm (don’t you just love how men happen to be like the warmest creatures in the world?!).  

Do you see what I’m doing here?

The point is to feel good...

... because what you’re doing is re-calibrating your energy default point to be on what feels good, and when you know what feels good, and focus on that, everything will start to align with feeling good because you won’t be so focused on what doesn’t. OK, so if a part of you is like, ok, that’s well and good, but what if I’m at work and my boss pisses me off and I don’t feel so good?! GREAT!

Well, you’ve gotta get to the point where you see that and realize that OH, that’s what we call CONTRAST. And contrast is there to show us what we DON’T want anymore. What has stopped feeling good.

Without the contrast, you won’t know as strongly what feels good - you won’t have birthed a MEGA desire in the other direction.

If your 9-5 didn’t suck so much, if it fulfilled your every desire, and made you feel like you were making a difference… well now, you wouldn’t be trying to leave so hard, would you? Out of contrast, our desires are born.

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Thank you so much, and I’ll see you next time!