25 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Self Care: Attitudes and actions that contribute to happiness, balance and well-being.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your self-care regimen, a crucial part of living your authentic purpose. Neglecting to follow your self-care routine regularly can lead to burnout and loss of vital life energy. Make time for it, and your life will change.

Choose practices that work for you and your lifestyle, adding any activities I missed. Also, feel free to change it up! I like change, so every week, I have a new regimen.

I’d love to hear about your self-care regimen, especially if it includes activities not on this list. Share it with me at monalisa@monalisaondevilla.com.

1. Yoga

2. Pranayama (breath work)

3. Luxurious baths

4. Dancing

5. Unplugging from technology

6. Pampering (spas, massages, mani/pedis)

7. Meditation

8. Working out

9. Hiking

10.Spending time in nature

11. Sun-bathing

12. Getting enough sleep

13. Your creative outlet (painting, writing, decorating, cooking, sewing, knitting, etc.)

14. Hanging out with friends

15. Snuggling up with tea and a good book

16. Being present and practicing the art of doing nothing, or whatever comes to you in the moment

17. Hanging out with your pet, or your neighbor’s pet

18. Going for a walk

19. Watching the sunset

20. Traveling

21. Crafting

22. Eating healthy

23. Shopping

24. Stargazing

25. Doing an angel card reading