IT 018: 5 Steps To Get Confident FAST So You Can Slay It As A Lightworker (goodbye, jitters!)



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Do you ever feel super nervous about doing something that will completely expand your life and business in the right direction?

Maybe it’s hosting your first webinar, teaching your first yoga class, talking to a potential client, putting your product or services out there for the world to see, sending an email to a potential partner who you’d love to work with, or publishing work that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on.

I’m talking about those instances where you feel nervous and more specifically, vulnerable, and have a burning desire to wanna just run under the covers and hide from it all!

If you could use a dose of extra support and self confidence during the times when you’re about to do something that makes you super nervous, check out my 5 tips below.

I literally use these steps every time I do something new that takes me outside of my comfort zone, and also when I’m doing something that I’ve done before, but for whatever reason, I find that I’m still nervous about it!

They are my life-savers - read on!

  1. Get into a power stanceLiterally change your physical stance, and get into the Wonder Woman pose - hands on your hips, stand tall and proud, with your eyes fierce and blazing with passion. Then, do a little strut, or just stand there and revel in your bad-ass-ness. This will give you a great boost of energy and confidence if you’re about to do something live, like teach, coach, or train.

  2. Do some reverse worrying This is a technique from Mike Dooley’s book, Leveraging The Universe (a must read for all lightworkers!). It's exactly what it sounds like: instead of worrying about what could go wrong, make a list of everything that could go right. For example, if you’re about to give a presentation, write thoughts like: the tech was flawless, you were prepared and on time, you looked amazing, the best people showed up and absolutely LOVED you… etc.

  3. Dress for how you want to feelThis one is self explanatory! Every time I host an online workshop (where no one sees me!) or do an interview, I always wear the sexiest, beachiest dress I can find and I put on a pair of killer heels. I do my makeup, make my hair all beachy and luscious, spray on perfume, and I look HOT. This gives me confidence and makes me feel like I’m gonna SLAY IT.I would have a TOTALLY different vibe if I showed up in yoga pants and a hairbun, because that would make me feel frumpy. Personalize this for you and the situation - for example, if you’re teaching a yoga workshop, a sexy bun and colorful yoga pants would definitely work!

  4. Set up your energetic environment Meditate, visualize your success, drink a green smoothie, and have your energy boundaries in place (if you need to learn how to do this, sign up for my free 7 Day Energy Cleanse for some amazing energy tools!). Take extra care of your energetic environment that day, and pay attention to how you feel. Ask your angels to help you release any negative emotions and tension, and to help bring you an extra dose of positive energy and loving support.

  5. Set up your physical environmentCreating a supportive physical environment is so important to feeling amazing, especially when you’re about to do something that makes you feel nervous! For example, when I first started hosting webinars, I cleared my space with sage, had tons of my favorite crystals around me, burned candles, and diffused essential oils. Also, I taped pictures of people who inspire me all around my work area when I’m about to give a presentation, and it feels like they are rooting for me. (I have Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson’s photos around me during live webinars!).If you’re going somewhere where you can’t set up your ideal physical environment, then wear your favorite matching bra and panty set, stick some crystals in your pocket, and have a clearing spray with you to spritz when needed! Get creative. Also, send some amazing good vibes to your future self by imagining the exact spot where you’ll be, and showering it with love and light. I used to do this with job interviews all the time! You can always get in your element, and it totally works.

A bonus tip is know that it gets easier with time and practice, as you grow and expand your comfort zone.

That’s all for today, lightworker. If you enjoyed today’s Podcast, let me know and leave a comment below - I can’t wait to hear from you!