Creating Your Own Fall Ritual - Fun Fall Giveaway!


I'm so excited because autumn is one of my favorite seasons... it's full of the energy of fresh starts and new plans, but also of going inward, buckling down and reaping the harvest.

Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

Like you, I've been working hard and kicking butt, manifesting my dreams in my business, my love life and inner connection. 

It's time to harvest - to let go, and to trust the Universe. All of this trying stuff? Out the door. It's time to sit back, relax, drink some chai lattes, and channel the cozy, nurturing energy of fall.

Join Me & Set Your Intentions for Autumn With Ritual

My intention is to go deep, and to relish in the deliciousness of being. To set the tone, I'm kicking off this season with my very first fall ritual. 

Will you join me by doing your own ritual on September 22 at 7:29 PM PT (the autumn equinox)? I'd love for us to build a powerful, collective energy for all of us to share. I'm giving away a Mini Fall Ritual Kit - sign up on Instagram here!

 Since I've never done a fall ritual before, I created some structure based on what I feel like I need right now. Feel free to add whatever you need to create the ritual that will best serve you.

Preparing For Your Autumn Ritual

  1. Let's get those creative juices flowing using one of my favorite techniques: time travel manifestation. Leap forward in time to December 20, the last day of fall. Imagine that you just had the most luscious, enriching and renewing fall ever. Everything that you intended to happen, happened. 
Reflect. What happened? How do you feel? What did you do? What did you stop doing?  Are you feeling accomplished, grounded, enlightened, or maybe a mix of all these things? Are there any surprises? What does your future self want you to know?
  2. Based on what you just learned, write down 1-3 intentions. Make them as specific as you can, so you'll know when you're on the right track.
Tips: Instead of writing "I plan on getting more grounded this fall," write "I plan on getting more grounded this fall, and I will know I've achieved this when I feel at ease in my body, I'm eating right, and regularly meditating."
  3. Start collecting crystals, spiritual/symbolic items, candles, books, quotes... anything to help you hold down your sacred space. If there's a certain chakra you would like to activate, collect items and/or music representing that chakra (I love the iPhone app Ambience for their Chakra tuning sounds). 
I'm storing everything in a pretty ritual box along with my intentions. :)

Perform Your Ritual

  1. Set your space. Light candles, diffuse essential oils, wear nice, flowy clothing and put on whatever music suits your ritual's mood. Bonus: Add a symbol of fall as an offering to the Universe- I'm brewing a soy chai latte for her. ;)
  2. Close your eyes and ground yourself, watching your breath for a few cycles. When you feel ready, read your intentions out loud to the Universe.
  3. Set your intentions aside (I'm placing them in a pouch for safekeeping) and seal them with a kiss and a smile. Know the Universe will take care of your prayers for you. Let them go, literally and symbolically.
  4. Say, "I am ready to receive." Then, if you have one, grab your crystal of choice and sit in silent meditation for however long you wish. This is where your preference comes into play. You can use mala beads, put on a timer, or meditate until you want to stop. I plan on putting a timer on for an hour so I don't have to have thoughts like "Should I stop now?"
  5. Open your eyes, look at your offering, and close with thanking the Universe for everything you already have, including the manifestation of the intentions you set.

I'm giving away a Mini Fall Ritual Kit, that contains all the goodies you'll need to do your own ritual. Sign up on Instagram here.