identity boxes 101: the simple & fun way to build your brand's personality

Get Crafty & Build Your Brand With Zero Pressure

Oh, my, word... there are so many awesome tips and tricks for building an online brand, that it can be hard to keep up. The truth is, even though there's so much good information out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through.

One of my non-freak-out strategies is to let go of the need to control, to trust the Universe and to know that you'll be guided to the right strategies that will work for you. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to do everything (which is a way to make sure you get NOTHING done).

When I came across the idea of an identity box, I instantly loved it and thought, what a fun, hands-on way to build a brand! It's also incredibly grounding and centering, especially if you do it with intention and presence.

An Identity Box Is a Box Filled With Things That Are "You"

Get a gorgeous box (be as crafty or uncrafty as you want) and fill it with little pieces of paper with words that describe you. They can be deep (like your Meyers-Briggs type) or surface level (like your go-to fall drink). Mix it up. Keep a note pad on you throughout the day, and write down whatever comes to mind. Don't force it - your identity box is an ongoing project.

Making an identity box helps me tune into my creative, hands-on side while also satisfying my brain's need to be doing something. As you're making your box, gently release any lingering negative feelings you have, trust yourself, and write down whatever feels good. You might find that you initially identify with old ways of seeing yourself, but that you're actually ready to release them. Accept everything as it comes - it's all knowledge, loves!

When it feels right, open your box and read everything you wrote. This should get your brain going and will help you begin to see what makes you uniquely you.

Suggested Supplies

  1. A wooden box
  2. A sharp knife to cut a hole on the top of your box
  3. Puff paint, stickers, stencils, leaves, pictures, quotes... anything that you want to decorate your box with
  4. Paper (I like to pre-cut mine so they're uniform and pretty to open up)
  5. Colorful pens to write with

Now, take the first steps to make your own identity box, and remember to tag #peaceloveandbusiness on your Instagram pics. I can't wait to see what you create!