IT 004: 2 Practices For More Money, Time & Love

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below. Happy September, lightworker!

I know fall is coming up because my ever-eager, inner Virgo has already lured me to Target a few times for ritualistic hunts for fresh journals, highlighters and pens.

(Speaking of rituals, check out this post for tips on creating your own fall ritual to get you in the fall mood.)

This month is when dreams and plans become form, when iced coffee and flip flops are replaced by pumpkin spice lattes and cozy blankets. It's time to get down to business.

I'm ready.

Harvest the Universe's Supply of Love, Money & Time

In keeping up with the theme of fall, this month's first Intuitive Tuesday is dedicated to helping you receive the harvest of love, time and money from the Universe that you could be unconsciously blocking.

Not an audio learner? That's OK. Read the article transcription below.

Today, I want to talk about receiving, and give you two simple practices that will help you easily start the flow of receiving from the Universe.

I was inspired by a recent call with one of my clients where she opened up about being an over-giver. She said she has always been a giver, in her friendships, as well as in romantic relationships.

Giving Is Depleting If You're Not Receiving

Giving is amazing, and benefits both the giver and the receiver. But it can quickly become draining and depleting if you don’t allow yourself to receive.

Think of the cycle of giving and receiving as a natural cycle of the Universe. In order to be in balance, you have to do both.

We Receive in Many Ways - Energy, Time, Money, & Love

The thing is, so many of us are caught in this “give, give, give” cycle and feel like a deer in headlights when it’s time for us to receive. I can definitely relate to this, and have a feeling many of you can, too. Receiving is crucial, and if you’re blocking yourself from receiving, you’re blocking yourself from abundance. Think about it – where do you feel a lack right now- is it money, love, time? Consider the ways you might be blocking yourself from receiving in these areas.

Deflection is a Form of Self Sabotage

Here is an example of how you might deflect receiving love. Say that you’ve been working out, toning up, and have seen noticeable improvement in your energy and body. You’ve been giving a lot of yourself, and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Now, imagine that your signficiant other tells you that you look amazing, better than you’ve ever looked before. That you’re beautiful and shining, inside and out!

You can respond 2 ways – you can either receive the compliment, say thank you and genuinely feel and receive the love of that statement, or you can deflect, be embarrassed, and either change the topic or mumble a “thank you, I’ve JUST been working out more” (notice how the word “just” downplays the tremendous effort you’ve been giving).

The first way allows you to receive the love from the Universe through your partner, and the second way deflects it.

2 Practices to Start Receiving More Today

So, the first practice I want to share with you is to practice saying “thank you” and pausing after to genuinely feel and soften into your “thank you”. It’s a way to start receiving in a small way, that will open doors to higher levels of receiving.

The second practice I’d like to share with you is a mantra with my favorite receiving crystal – rose quartz! Buy a rose quartz and say this mantra “I open myself to receiving.”

That’s it!

There are so many other things I can say on this topic, like how feminine energy is receiving and how masculine energy is giving, but this Podcast would go on forever!

If you’re interested in diving in deeper, check out my 30 Day Energy Cleanse where I spend a whole day talking about this.

I hope that this has served you and I will see you next next week for the next session of Intuitive Tuesday!