IT 003: The Story Behind The 30 Day Energy Cleanse (It's Not What You Think!)

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below. I always knew I had a greater purpose, but I didn't always know what it was. For years, I lived with the subtle pain of knowing I wasn't living in alignment with my soul's desires.

Can you relate?

In today's Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, I'm sharing the not-so-pretty story on why I created the 30 Day Energy Cleanse, along with homework to move you forward if this resonates with you.

Not an audio learner? That's OK. Read the article below.

I hit a really, really low point a few years ago, and allowed myself to be pulled into complete self-destruction and fear. I gave in to my fears and gave up on myself. I was in complete self-betrayal.

I drank a ton, I partied, and sort of went anti-Mona Lisa (remember - I am an introvert, and the couch with my hubby and my kitten is more my scene than clubs!). I reverted to a state of disempowerment.

I Made The 30 Day Energy Cleanse For Me

The 30 Day Energy Cleanse was born out of the ashes of a life I had almost completely burned down. The only thing I had left was this indestructible desire to rise.

I remember the moment the intervention from the Universe happened. I was literally shaking from a draining conversation I had with an energy vampire who literally sucked the life force out of me.

I found myself in tears, repeating, "I release the energy that isn't mine, I release the energy that isn't mine" over and over and over again.

By the time I got home, the negativity was released, and in its place was divine inspiration. I was buzzing with the realization that I had the tools inside of me to get out of the state of intense fear and crap that I was in. So I sat my butt down and wrote the outline for what is now the 30 Energy Cleanse.

Your Suffering Is Happening To Help You Rise Into Your Greatest Self

I was inspired to write this post because I realize that when you are right in the middle of your own spiritual CRAP, it doesn't feel like there's an out, especially when you don't the tools to dig yourself out.

I want to let you know that there is a reason for your suffering if you're in that space right now ("suffering" ranges from "happy but restless for more", to "downright miserable and anti-You"). You will discover that reason when it's time.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel and Let Yourself Off The Hook

When I was in a state of fear, I didn't allow room for any light, but I was so afraid of the darkness that I hid from it, too. This only created more destruction. It was only when I allowed myself to feel every emotion that was coming up when I started to find my way back to me.

Your homework? Give yourself permission to feel everything (slowly lean into it, and accept the tears or sobs or anything that shows up) and witness the gorgeous range of feelings that you are capable of feeling.

Let yourself off the hook for anything you feel awful for, and receive the love that the Universe is always sending your way. Yes, you deserve it, I promise.