IT 008: How to Gracefully Decline Holiday Party Invites Without Massive Guilt

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below. If you’re an introvert who loves the holidays and alone time, then today’s episode is for you.

In today's Intuitive Tuesday Podcast, I'm sharing my lifesaving line that helps me gracefully decline invites without the guilt, so I can keep my sanity and energy.

Not an audio learner? That's OK. Read the article transcription below.

Hi lightworkers! It’s Mona Lisa and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives, introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life that they desire.

Hashtags for Your Life

Before I get into today’s show, I want to share 2 new hashtags that I would love for you to use and infuse with your own story and energy. The first is #peaceloveandbusinesslife and the second is #PLBgirl.

My intention is that they give you power, a sense of belonging, and a connection to a way of being that embraces and holds sacred the values of igniting inner peace, love of self and all of life, and the business of living your purpose.

Share Your Green Juice Selfie, Please

Use it to share your every day PLBgirl life – a glowing post-workout selfie, your fancy color-coded planner, a favorite mug or crystal, a happy holiday photo of you and your hubby (and kid, and pets!), your morning green juice. I want to see how you live, and to celebrate your every day moments that make up your #peaceloveandbusinesslife.

I’ll be right there hashtagging away with you.

Alright, so without further adieu, let’s get into Episode #8!

Today’s episode is for you if you love the holidays, but are cringing at the idea of having your cozy, self-care “you” time diminished by a ton of holiday parties. Maybe you’re even tired anticipating all of the parties you’ll be forced to attend!

Making Alone Time a Priority Does Not Make You a Scrooge

If you’re anything like me, you protect your “you” time like a mama bear protects her cubs. As an introvert, I need alone time to rejuvenate my energy. Without it, I end up irritable and low-energy, which isn’t fun for my hubby or me.

The thing is, when I say no, I often feel guilty and afraid of being judged as “anti-social”. As an empath, I hate feeling misunderstood!

But when I say yes to things I didn’t really want to go to, I end up feeling resentful and sulky.

So, two things.

Get On The No Train to Avoid Nervous Break Town!

The first is I want you to choose your yes’es wisely. Make them be whole-body YESES so you don’t get burnt out. And as Marie Forleo say, get on the no train! Know that it’s OK for you to say no, even if the asking party doesn’t understand.

Also, realize that if you say yes and secretly want to say no, they’ll feel that, even if it’s on a subconscious level. It’ll feel icky for them, too, which I don’t think you want!

So protect your boundaries and make no your default answer. You’ll avoid burnout, and have more energy to commit to things that really light you up, which serves the Universe in a much bigger way! With time and practice, it gets easier.

My Life Saving One Liner To Avoid Awkward Situations

Second. I have a very polite and practical way for you to decline invites to social gatherings without lying. Memorize it and make it your go-to line!

“You guys are going to have so much fun! I can’t make it, but I hope you all have a good time. Thank you for thinking of me and sending me an invite.”

Genius, right?

Full disclosure: I didn’t think of this amazing formula myself, and completely forgot where I heard it. If you know, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due! It has been a life-saver for me.

No One Cares If You Don’t…

If you’re still not convinced, know this – no one really cares if you don’t go to the party!! Seriously – they might be slightly bummed at first, but most of it is your introvert mind creating a huge story.

Alright my dear PLBgirls, I hope that this has served you. I will see you next, next Tuesday for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.