How to Stay Energized On Thanksgiving & At Social Gatherings

Before you run off and enjoy some pumpkin pie, I want to share how I keep myself energized during social gatherings. These practices are super useful, especially when confronting unwanted energy intrusions and uncomfortable questioning from gossip-y aunts (yikes!).

  1. Avoid energy vampires & gossipers as much as possible.

    1. If you come into contact with one, be aware of their energy and its effect on you and quickly build an energy barrier.
    2. Don't emotionally engage in the conversation, which will be a major energy suck. Talk about surface level things, like the weather or the food. Plan talking points now! Also, if you're like me and tend to overshare or ramble on in an effort to establish a connection, notice it and zip your lips!
  2. Take outdoor breaks often.

    1. If it's too cold, take bathroom breaks. Be conscious of when your energy is running low, and politely remove yourself from the conversation so you can recharge.
  3. Remember that introverts are one third of the US population.

    1. There's a big chance that many of the people at the party feel the same way you do, and they might not be as prepared as you are - maybe you can save them & share some tips!
Alright, you can do this, my dears. I hope that these tips help you enjoy your Thanksgiving even more, and I will see you next Tuesday, for Intuitive Tuesday.