IT 022: Demystifying The Manifesting Process - A Behind The Scenes Look At How I Manifested My Dream Life

Click here to listen to today's Podcast via my website, or click here to listen to it in iTunes. Prefer to read? Enjoy the transcript below. Hi gorgeous lightworkers, it’s Mona Lisa Ondevilla and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives, introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life that they desire.

As you may know, I recently made a big move to San Diego, California. What you may not know is that I manifested living here with my husband not so long ago (less than a year ago!).

I visualized owning my own successful lightworker business, living in a luxury, resort-style community by the beach, and being able to wear a bikini every day if I wanted (because, it seriously never gets cold in San Diego).

Today, I enjoy living my dream lifestyle every day.

So how did I do it?

That’s what today’s episode is all about. I hope that by sharing my journey with you, you’ll see how to begin creating your own dream life, if that’s what you truly and deeply want, by demystifying the manifesting process.

I want to start off by saying that San Diego was somewhere I always wanted to live, and I knew it would happen “one day”. I also always knew that I would own my own business “one day”.

My Dreams Only Started Happening When I Took Action & Gave Them A Deadline

But these things only started happening when I took concrete steps towards making it happen, and when I put a deadline on my dreams (which makes it real, as opposed to a floofy theoretical concept). It allows the process to energetically begin.

The process of aligning yourself with what you truly want only requires that you know how you want to feel, especially in the very beginning. You figure out the “how” and the details along the way, as you begin to co-create with the Universe.

My First Desire Was To Just Serve & Help Others

At first, I told the Universe that I just wanted to serve others – really, anyone who could benefit from my coaching.

The Universe waved her wand and said OK! So a mixed bag of people came my way, and I ended up feeling energetically drained from working with them, and depressed that I wasn’t making any money, (after all, I was only doing trades at that point).

Lesson #1: I Wanted To Serve A More Specific Niche

Lesson learned. This evolved into wanting to serve introverted women, which lit me up because I realized that I could choose who I wanted to work with, and I could choose people who uplifted me! So I began coaching my ideal customer – still for free. This was exciting for me (I was helping other women who were so fun to work with!) until I decided that I needed to actually make money so I could get out of my 9-5 job and take my business seriously.

Lesson # 2: I Wanted To Get Paid While Serving My Dream Client

Lesson learned. This evolved into wanting to serve intuitive, introverted women and get paid while doing it! And the Universe waved her magic wand, and I did just that, and it felt absolutely amazing. Until I realized that living in a place that felt uninspiring to me was starting to feel really, really, wrong.

So one night, my husband and I asked the Universe for help, for a nudge in the direction of San Diego. We sat down, called our angels into the room, and asked them for help. A sign, direction, anything.

And then my husband got laid off from his job. Like, the very next day.

Instead of freaking out, I took it for what it was – a sign. It was scary as hell, but I knew it was the sign we asked for.

Lesson #3: I Wanted To Get Paid While Serving My Dream Client In My Dream City

So finally, last January, I got really serious about moving to San Diego. Instead of making it a “one day” type of thing, I made it a “by July” type of thing. And it happened in May.

So here I am today.

Living in San Diego. With my hubby and Ella, my kitty. With my own business, serving intuitive, introverted, intelligent and inspiring women every day. In a resort-style community, minutes from my fave beach. Wearing bikinis almost daily.

Every day, I’m surprised by things I find that are even more aligned with me than I could have imagined – smoothies and acai bowls all over the place, yoga studios galore, luxurious outdoor shopping malls, stand up paddle boarding yoga at the pool.

No doubt, the process is still evolving, and that’s beautiful and part of life. But now, it’s more about refinement (like finding my fave beaches, planning upcoming travel vacations, and finding fun water activities), as opposed to big life shifts.

Every Step Of The Way, I Refined My Desires As I Took Action

But here’s the thing – this process is not linear. When I first decided I wanted to be a coach, it wasn’t easy. I went back to a job in the process. I moved back in my with my family in the process. I had to give up my kitten, Ella, in the process for a few months (I’ll save that story for another day). I almost got a divorce. I lost friends, best friends.

Destruction Always Comes Before Massive Transformation

It was ugly and more than once, I found myself wanting to give up and throw in the towel. Actually, I did throw in the towel for a few months, which resulted in the darkest days of my life.

But notice I didn’t stay down, and I never gave up for good. Instead, I let the process breathe and evolve. There was a lot of destruction that had to happen before I could get to where I am today.

So why am I sharing this with you?

So "Sort Of" Wanting Your Dream Life Isn't Enough

I want to tell you, you’ve got to really, really, want what you want. You’ve got to want it so badly that you’re obsessed with it, and won’t take no for an answer. You’ve got to be willing to take risks, come back after failures, and take action. You can’t STOP taking action.

Each step will bring clarity. It’ll also bring destruction, because serious destruction precedes serious transformations.

You’ve got to really, really, want it. Or it won't happen.

And then you’ve got to let go of how you think you’ll get there.

I had to go through each step to learn something along the way. And I had to uncover blocks, too- about being seen, about making money (good money!) for what I do, about niche-ing down and choosing who I want to work for.

This whole process of growth, is made a little bit easier, a little more bearable by the fact that I’m intuitive and can sense when I’m going in the right or wrong direction.

Your intuition is your guide to each phase in the process.

If you want it badly enough, everything is worth it and you’re ready. If you’re at the point where you’re thinking, “oh it would be nice if my dream life happened…” that’s not enough. It can’t just be nice. It needs to be a MUST. You can’t be available to a life of anything less. That desire and conviction is where your real manifesting power lies.

As you can tell, I am SUPER fired up about this.

It seriously lights me up to help women who are READY to step into their dream lives and businesses.

It’s really fun for me, to say the least!

So now that you know about what fires me up and a few of the steps I took to get to where I am today, let me know what you’re ready to call into your life by leaving me a comment below. I’ll do my best to reply to every comment, because I can’t wait to learn more about you!