IT 023: Top 9 High-Vibe Mindset Books for Lightworkers (+ 1 Resource)

Last Intuitive Tuesday, I shared my top 5 fave tools for new lightworker entrepreneurs, and loved your response! I was super inspired by your responses, and wanted to give you some more resources to help out your life, in general, even if you’re not an entrepreneur yet. So today, I am super excited to share with you 9 AMAZING books (and 1 resource) that have completely changed my life, and honestly helped me be the person I am today.

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Top 8 High-Vibe Mindset Books for Lightworkers

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Leveraging The Universe – Mike Dooley

Money, A Love Story - Kate Northrup

The Desire Map - Danielle LaPorte

A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson

The Law of Divine Compensation – Marianne Williamson

Miracles Now – Gabby Bernstein

Wayne Dyer – all of his books (I have them all on audio)

… and 1 Business Book 

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster - Darren Hardy

There are SO many I could recommend, but I’m only going to recommend one right now. Instead of throwing you a bunch of books, and confusing you with all kinds of strategy, this is a great baseline book that will give you a wonderful foundation & business mindset to use when you’re starting out and need guidance on making priorities & thinking about how to approach your business.

Bonus Resource

I Am Not Your Guru (on Netflix) – Tony Robbins

There you have it – my favorite books and resources that have changed my life for the better.

I highly recommend that instead of buying all of the books at once, you start small!

First, watch the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix.

Then, pick ONE book to start with (you can always come back to this list in the future when you’ve finished that book)! Pick the one that is calling to you the most, or if you can’t decide, write them all down on flashcards and pull it out of a basket.

One more thing… I am thinking of doing a book giveaway, and I need your help!

Let me know which of these books you are MOST excited to read, by leaving me a comment with the title of the book in the section below.

When I get enough votes, I’m holding a giveaway for the top 3 books that you vote for (I’m thinking next month)!

Honestly lightworkers, these books have changed my life, and I am excited to share them with you!

Remember to comment below and let me know what book you’d love to read first!