IT 024: The ONE Thing You’re Probably Not Doing That Every Successful Girl Boss Swears By



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I am SO excited to share with you a topic that I recently shared with my Introverted Girl Boss Academy, that has my Founding Members fired UP.

It hit home because they realized that this area needed serious cleaning up in their lives. And they could see the potential it had to change everything.

It changed everything for me, too.

You know, so many women come to me asking about how to create a successful online business as a coach. And when I say “coach”, I’m referring to any type of woman who works with anyone in a 1-on-1 capacity, whether that be as a life coach, a wellness coach, a purpose coach, a health coach, a fitness coach.

What are you doing today to build your successful, future business?

One of the questions I ask is what are you currently doing today in order to build your successful, future business for yourself.

And sometimes, I hear an outlined plan of action. Sometimes, as in… 1 in 10.

I more often hear a range of responses, from “I’m in a huge life transition right now, and started my business, but got sidetracked, and am now ready to take action, but don’t know what that is yet” to “I’ve researched a ton but don’t know where to start” to “I’m getting my website up, and don’t really know what to do after that, but know that’s important… right?”

And the truth is, these are all forms of what my own mentor and business coach, Gina DeVee, calls “feminine woo-hoo-ery”. I love that term because I know it intimately - I lived in feminine woo-hoo-ery land for a long time, and it’s funny to poke fun at it because it’s a pattern that I know so many of us can fall into if we’re not careful.

As feminine women, we can have trouble bridging the gap between getting shit done and still feeling free and in touch with our intuitive and feminine side.

This can result in a couple of different outcomes - we can either lean towards being more masculine, and slowly moving away from our feminine nature, or leaning towards our feminine, and forsaking the masculine structures. Or, we can be balanced and know when to use the feminine and masculine sides for good. We all have both elements in us.

So if this is all confusing to you, let me take a step back and talk in real life terms.

A (Super) Crash Course In Femininity vs. Masculinity

The feminine is the side of us that longs to be free, in tune, aligned, in love, is passionate, blissful, joyous, light-filled. It’s our intuition, our empathy. It’s the flowing water in the river.

The masculine side of us is the structure, the earth that forms around the river and makes the river… well, a river! It’s the side that is full of structure, plans, scheduling, logistics, solutions.

The successful woman entrepreneur knows when to use both sides to her advantage. If she falls too much into her feminine, she has wishy-washy dreams and desires and intentions, but nothing ever happens. If she falls too much into her masculine, she has goals and plans with no soul, and she’ll eventually burn out and lose her light, her intuition.

Personally, I grew up being super structured and masculine, because I related a lot more to my dad, and he has a very masculine personality. As I grew up, I started to awaken to my feminine side, and she felt so foreign and new to me, but like a breath of fresh air.

Today, I bring both elements to my business. I love accomplishing things, I am ambitious and driven and I love making things happen… but I am so aware of my need to tune into my self, turn inward, and come back to myself.

So, all of this to say, I’d love to propose a way for you to navigate both the masculine and the feminine sides of your personality, to bring a new level of success and fulfillment in your business and life.

The ONE Thing You're Probably Not Doing

All of this can be achieved with… your calendar.

Your calendar is the masculine structure that allows the river to be, to flow. Without it, the river would not be possible. But without the water (the feminine energy force), the structure would just be a ditch.

Using and following your calendar properly is one of the most POWERFUL things you can do right now that will help you bring your dreams to real life. And that’s where you want them, right?!

If you have resistance to this, get curious about it, and do what you need to do to clear the resistance - success lies on the other side of it.

You can start off small, scheduling in pockets of times in your week to work on creating your business. Or you can go hard, and create a full schedule for yourself, calendaring out every minute of every day (which is what I do).

And don’t think that I don’t calendar out free time - I have large chunks of time in there for working out, meditating, journaling, hanging out with my husband, and self-care. It’s crazy - so many of these things that I actually want to do, don’t get done if it’s not in my schedule - it remains a “one day”.

Resources To Support You - A Brave, New, Calendar-ing, You!

Alright, I hope by now, I’ve convinced you to get started on creating your schedule!! I have a few resources I’d love to share with you about scheduling:

The first is Google Calendar - I live by my Google Calendar because my clients schedule in sessions with me directly, and I can plan everything out, hour by hour.

The second resource I have for you is Wunderlist - it is a super fun way to make lists! I actually have time in my calendar that I call “Wunderlist” time, and I have a “Wunderlist” list for every day of the week. For example, Mondays and Fridays are my BIG Wunderlist days, and Tuesdays-Thursdays, I don’t always get to it, because that’s when I work with clients.

The last resource I want to share with you is the Passion Planner. It’s a great hour-by-hour, written planner that has a nice, clean layout. I used it when I first started my business, and it worked until I gave my clients the ability to schedule themselves directly into my calendar.

Before you calendar, I recommend you do a brain dump of absolutely everything you want to do - things that you’ve always been meaning to do, but haven’t been able to do, for whatever reason. Then, create a Wunderlist for every day of the week and write these things in for you to take action on.

Your calendar allows you to live the life you WANT, and sets great boundaries for you on your time and energy.

I can’t wait to hear about what this changes for you!

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Also, leave me a comment below - what is ONE action item you were inspired to do after listening to today’s Podcast?

Alright loves, that’s all I have for you today! I’ll see you NEXT Tuesday, for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

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