IT 027: How To Deal With Toxic Relationships + Set Boundaries As A Sensitive Woman, with Relationship Coach Melissa Jay



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Are you sensitive to other people's energy?

Do you consider yourself a giver, a healer, or a natural nurturer?

Then you're going to love today's Podcast!

I ask relationship coach and psychologist, Melissa Jay, how to deal with the people in our lives who... well, suck the life out of us.

She also shares how to set personal boundaries and establish self care practices so we can avoid getting stepped all over (energetically and emotionally!).



Also, if you were taught from a young age that you need to "earn love" or "earn happiness" before you can self-care, don't miss today's Podcast.

I couldn't resist asking Melissa how to approach this common belief that unfortunately runs rampant amongst intuitive and introverted women. I think you're going to love her answer.

**UPDATE: Melissa is offering an AMAZING gift for you, if you'd LOVE to learn the Art of Living Through Your Heart In Relationships. Check it out here!**

Once you're done listening to the Podcast, come back to this page and let me know - what's one thing you can commit to doing this week as an act of self-care?