IT 028: How To Use Your Desires To Help You Get Happy, Fit & Successful



Do you ever feel stuck, uninspired to work on your business, or mentally foggy?

Ick - I know the feeling!

As an introverted girl boss, it's


 important that you're able to pick yourself up and move forward if you ever catch yourself feeling low vibe.

Which is why I'm interviewing Andrea Claassen, fitness lifestyle expert, yoga instructor and mindset shifter, on today's Intuitive Tuesday Podcast.

She uses her background in The Desire Map, yoga, Ayurveda, and fitness to create her own unique, signature training style.



Andrea gives some amazing advice on how to create a fitness lifestyle that works for you, so you can slay it as a girl boss and keep your vibes high.

Also, Andrea has an amazing free gift for you! To find out how to work out for your body type, click here.