IT 031: are you being lazy or just hibernating?

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Hello gorgeous lightworkers, it’s Mona Lisa, and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life that they desire.

Today’s topic is a message that I’ve been receiving straight from the Universe!  This topic has been coming up in my own life recently, with a majority of my private clients, in random emails, and in conversation with my support team.

The truth is, lately, I’ve been feeling an intense need to lay low energetically… which basically means, I’ve been wanting to do nothing except read, journal, take long, luxurious baths, turn on the fireplace, and do Christmas-y things with my man.

Now, this doesn’t come easy to me - I’m high-energy, go-getting, and love actively working on my lightworker business.

It’s easier for me to run a full scale marketing campaign than to sit on the couch and do nothing.

But this hibernating feeling is literally overriding my go-getting, gung-ho attitude. Every time I have a huge take-on-the-world plan for the day, my body tells me… how about we take a nap instead?

Now before I realized what was going on, I started judging myself pretty harshly - I criticized myself for being lazy and unproductive. I started saying all kinds of mean, untrue things about myself.

How dare I watch Gilmore Girls when there were launches to plan and campaigns to make? Hard work means success. Etc. Etc. That old programing came out, rearing its ugly head.

So I started asking questions. I started outside of myself first, with my acupuncturist, who told me that hibernating is absolutely essential because spring is right around the corner. Seasonally, it’s time to go within, to do the inner work, to do exactly what I’ve been naturally called to do. Otherwise, we won’t feel refreshed come spring.

When I meditated on this, I saw this was the truth for me. My inner guides confirmed what my body already knew. Then I started getting emails and messages all over the place that it’s time to relax and just be… that this is actually part of the process.

Interestingly enough, when I had worked through this myself, almost all of my clients brought up this same concern in their sessions. Funny how that happens!

So I want to pass the message on to you, too… the winter is the time for us to go within. To be cozy. To pass on the chaos, the franticness that the season may induce. To hibernate.

Because ladies… spring is just around the corner.

As introverted and intuitive lightworkers, you know this to be true, which is why you’re probably also feeling this need to withdraw.

Listen to that.

Listen to your body and your intuition.

One of the reasons I wanted to start my own business was so that I could honor my natural cycles and rhythms. I remember writing out… when December comes, I want to take a full TWO WEEKS off, just like when I was in school. That was one of my why’s.

And December is here, and I’m remember-ing … I’m exactly where I need to be, where I asked to be, before I even understood “why”.

If you’re listening to this, chances are you might not yet have the luxury of taking 2 weeks off (but I know you’re working to get there!).

So what does this look like for you?

Maybe it means giving yourself permission to actually enjoy the days off you DO have for the holidays, by getting support… Maybe it means not cleaning and hiring a housekeeper (unless you love cleaning). Or scheduling a couple of spa dates with yourself.

Maybe it means saying no to activities that don’t feel right at the moment.

What’s important is that before making any decisions, listen to your inner guide first. Get quiet. Give yourself permission to slow down.

For example, I LOVE my business mastermind sisters, and we’re all supposed to meet in LA for a girl boss brunch. Usually I’m excited and all about it, but when I listened to my truth, I knew it would be more in my service to stay home and bundle up for the weekend instead of jetset off to LA. And also, I didn’t want to show up and secretly want to be home - that wouldn’t be in service to my girl boss sisters!

So promise me something… no judgments of being lazy this holiday season, ok?

Follow your truth.

If you find yourself doing nothing except drinking cocoa on the couch, that’s OK.

Resting IS productive. Without it, you’ll burn yourself out and won’t have the fresh spring energy you’ll need to rock out in 2017.

Finally, I want to address this line between lazy and hibernating. Honestly, the only one who knows the answer is you.

Every moment, I’m asking myself… does this feel in service? Am I feeling aligned? Am I feeling inspired in this quiet, or lethargic?

For example, I’m still planning out my new year, but I’m doing so in my cozy home, with my cozy socks on, surrounded by candles and Christmas lights.

And when I do watch Netflix, I’m choosing shows that make me happy - Super Soul Sessions and Harry Potter! - and giving it my full attention and presence, rather than being on Facebook and email at the same time. I’m saying no to frantic.

So relax, release and receive… and know that if you’re being called to hibernate, there’s a reason for that.

You’re going to emerge being so, so ready for what’s next.

Alright my loves, that’s all for today’s Podcast. I hope that this has served you, and I’ll see you next Tuesday for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.