IT 043: How To Create Passive Prosperity With Soul-Aligned Marketing Strategist Korynn Elliott


Hi introverted, intuitive and empath beauties! I have a fun treat for you on the Podcast today - I've interviewed one of my good friends and introverted biz besties, the soul-aligned marketing strategist, Korynn Elliott.

She's the quintessential zen girl boss next door, and we talk about:

  • Why your energy matters as an introverted, woman entrepreneur

  • What type of passive income you can create (even as a brand new coach!) so you can live a more abundant, free-flowing lifestyle

  • How to find your voice and message as a new coach (hint: acting like you're an extrovert doesn't work!)

  • What "Zen Femme" is and how to honor our cycles as feminine entrepreneurs so we can maximize our productivity and live more aligned

  • How Korynn found her first clients (with only 25 people on her list!!)

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