IT 044: need a dose of sparkly confidence?

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Hi Lightworkers, it’s Mona Lisa and it’s Intuitive Tuesday, the radio show helping intuitives, introverts and empaths manifest the conscious and abundant life and business that they desire.

Today, I am helping all new coaches and early stage coaches figure out how to tap into their inner sparkly confidence.

A lot of new coaches ask me, how do you speak with confidence? How do you offer your services with confidence? How do you put content out there with confidence?

I get this question and where it’s coming from because when I first started out I did not have much confidence at all

In fact I deferred to a lot of other people and put my intuition about what I should talk about about and what mattered to me on the back burner. I felt like people didn’t really care about what I have to say.

This is where I see a lot of new coaches get mixed up.

When I was first starting, I felt like I had to have a “good marketing message” and I had to talk about things that would “sell” or somehow come across correctly. I felt like I had to show up in a certain way.

I am here to empower you to instead, talk about what lights you up!!

Because when you’re speaking from love and excitement and passion... people will hear that. People will be inspired by that.

Even as an introvert – actually, especially as introverts – we don’t like doing the small talk thing.

We like to dive in and talk about things that really matter to us – whether it’s the current theory that we’re reading about, or the new spiritual, personal development practice that we’re trying, or the new program that we’re in – we love to talk about things that we’re exited about, what we stand behind, that light us up.

The same thing goes for speaking with confidence in your business and creating content and packages and content that you’ll really want to go out there and fill and sell.

If you create something that you feel… “well… this looks right, this looks like a viable business idea/service and someone will buy it…” – if you come at it with that energy, you’re not going to be coming at it with a level of excitement.

And the excitement and the inspiration factor is what’s going to get people in your tribe. People are going to hear your excitement and say – I want what she has.

We all have different journeys – it’s about getting in touch with your own journey.

Maybe you…

>> Went through a health crisis and learned how to listen to your intuition and learned how to nourish your body in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you had listened to everyone else

>> Have a weight loss/fitness journey

>> Have been through a relationship journey

>> Left the herd, and have done something different than what was expected of you

>> Been through a major transformational journey

>> Took a different career path

>> Are a healer who loves all things Yoga/Reiki/Crystal Healings/Tarot Readings

>> Have gone through a life-changing spiritual journey

These can all be pieces of your story, and when you talk about, you get LIT up and super excited to share with other people because you’ve been there and you get it.

It gets kinda weird when you talk about things that you haven’t been through yourself. Like, in the beginning, I would not have been able to talk about starting a business successfully because I hadn’t done that yet – so that wouldn’t feel aligned for me, and I would have to borrow from other people’s voices and I wouldn’t know what that process looks like for me (yet!)

What’s your story? What DO you know? What do you LOVE talking about forever and ever? What’s the topic you can go on and on about?

Once you know that, the rest is much easier to figure out, from that place, you can create programs and packages that light you up, and create content that lights you up.

Your light lights up the world.

It’s ok to be a beginner and to not REALLY know what you want to coach people with yet– let yourself be there if that’s where you are.

There will sometimes be elements of your story where it will be obvious – you had a major health transformation and now want to help other women find that for themselves.

But sometimes it’s less obvious than that – maybe you went through a tough transformational period in your life and you healed yourself of addictions, or depression or anxiety, and you don’t necessarily want to help people with that, but you do want to help people with map out their journey and inspire them along the way.

Once you connect the dots between what you help people with and your story, it gets really clear and exciting.

And honestly, the only way is to move forward through trial and error and discovery, and to trust the process.

I went from career coach for college women, business coach, happiness coach, bridal coach, transformational coach, and now, success coach.

My point is, is that in each of these phases, I totally went for it – I made business cards, websites, freebies… I really went for it. When I thought I wanted to be a bridal coach, I surrounded myself in the industry and even assisted a wedding planner to see if I wanted to be in that industry.

It was only through taking action and eliminating, that I found my own voice and discovered “this is what I want to help people with!” I took a ton of action!

When you finally find that THING that lights you up – AKA your superpower – THEN you can create awesome signature programs and feel confident about selling them because you KNOW you can help your clients get to the other side because you’ve been there yourself (or have helped others get there!).

The confidence pieces comes from knowing yourself and eliminating and seeing what you love – it doesn’t come from guessing and sitting at home, which is what I thought early in the game. You’ve got to get out there!

There’s this really cool lightbulb moment that goes on with my private clients when I help them with this piece. The second they realize who they are meant to serve and how they already have so much knowledge and passion on the topic – they feel like they were BORN to share their message. Before that moment, there’s so much confusion, back-and-forth-ness, doubting and second-guessing!

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That’s all I have for you today, I hope that this has served you and I’ll see you next Tuesday on the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.