IT 014: The 1 Practice That ALL Lightworkers Need to Establish ASAP

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Purple Intuitive Tuesday PLB WP Optimization

Today, I’m talking about the one practice that ALL lightworkers need to establish to consciously manifest and attract amazing things into their lives.

As a lightworker, it is of super huge ultimate and EXTREME importance that you regularly hit pause in your life to celebrate your accomplishments and how far you’ve come on your journey, even if you don’t feel like celebrating or think you have nothing to celebrate yet.

Celebrating is an important ingredient to conscious manifesting, and it also has the benefit of instantly making you feel more happy and abundant.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly moving and making things happen. You’re on the go, and you love it that way! Planners are your best friend (even though sometimes it’s just the idea of planners) and you love setting goals and achieving them.

Striving all of the time might be coded in your DNA, but it comes with the side effect of never acknowledging how far you’ve come.

The second you’ve accomplished something major, you’re on to the next big thing, and you’ve only allowed yourself a tiny moment of celebration.

It’s the whole carrot on a stick analogy.

For example, in the past year, I’ve created two online programs, grown my email list to a number I previously thought was impossible, attracted amazing partners, hired my own business coach, ran hugely successful Facebook ad campaigns and online workshops, and replaced my 9-5 income by doing something I love to do – serve other women entrepeneurs and lightworkers!

Looking back, I don’t quite remember hitting pause in between. I just sort of go, AWESOME, what’s next?!?!

But the message I’ve been getting lately is to allow myself room to pause – even for a brief moment – to acknowledge all of the amazing things I’ve accomplished in my business and life.

It’s incredibly affirming, regardless of where you are on your path, because it shows you how everything is forward movement, and how everything did happen for a reason. Everything makes a lot more sense in hindsight.

You don’t have to be exactly where you want to be in your life to celebrate.

In fact, it would be counter productive to wait until everything is absolutely perfect before you allow yourself space for expansion and appreciation of everything good that has happened to you.

Even if you’re just starting a business, or figuring out what sort of lightwork you want to bring into this world, or if you’re pioneering your own spiritual journey,

I guarantee you are further along your path than you were a year ago.

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You can celebrate leaving a destructive 9-5. You can celebrate how you stay centered and in your power in a tough situation. You can celebrate how you took yourself out to a coffee date and read, because you needed a break from your kids and chores. You can celebrate the new playlist you made for yourself. You can celebrate getting married. You can celebrate how you replaced coffee for juice. You can celebrate how you listened to your gut instead of your brain in a situation.

CLICK TO TWEET: Nothing is too small to celebrate. Everything is forward movement.

I have a few suggestions on how you can hit pause, but know that there is no RIGHT way.

You can use one of my ways, or you can do something totally different. The point is that you pause, reflect, and admire how far you’ve come. Celebrate and stay in that space of acknowledgement and gratitude for as long as feels good.

My personal practice isn’t structured – I don’t have it on my calendar to pause and reflect. I do it when it feels right, and when I’m called to, and I don’t do any ritual. I could just be sitting in my car or driving along.

If you’re been following my work, you know I’m a huge fan of visualizing my future self and gaining knowledge and strength from her wisdom.

Have a Girl Crush On Yourself

I do a sort of backwards version of that –

I look back on myself and what I’ve done in the last few months, and think wow, she is so awesome and really transforming her life.

Maybe you’d like a little more structure. If that’s the case, schedule it in for once a month, once a week… whatever feels good.

I know I’m being ambiguous when I say do whatever feels good, but that’s just the thing – it has to feel good and be a natural process for you. Use your intuition and tune in - the Universe might be throwing signs your way to slow down and reflect!

For example, if you’re listening to this Podcast right now, I bet you could use a pause!

Take inventory right now and give yourself a smile and think, I kicked so much ass over the past few months, and there is so much more where that came from! And sit in the splendor and truth of that statement.

Another thing you could do is have a friend you check in with once a month where you simply gush about what you’ve done and what you’re proud of.

A note here – if you feel uncomfortable about this exercise, like you’re boasting or being prideful… check in with that feeling and see what that’s about.

Another thing you could do is do is journal every full moon and write down everything you’re proud of yourself for doing in the past month.

If you don’t pause and celebrate your accomplishments and forward movement, you will forever be in a space of lack and “not good enough”, and not be able to see the amazing good that has already happened in your life.

This lowers your vibration and keeps you in an awful, anti-motivational space.

Alright my lovely lightworkers, that is all I have for you today. I hope that this has served you, and I’ll see you next, next Tuesday for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.

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