IT 015: Behind The Scenes: An Unsexy Day As An Entrepreneur



Some days, it’s all glamour and flow as a lightworker and intuitive entrepreneur. You meet an amazing new partner, you host a great workshop, you finish your website, you double your income, you’re on top of the world.

And some days, it’s unsexy as hell and it’s a grind.

I was motivated to write today’s Podcast, because I wanted to shed some light on the unsexy part of being a successful entrepreneur because I don’t think it gets talked about enough!

Today’s Podcast is relevant even if you’re not an entrepreneur, because I feel like social media in general portrays this super sexy, effortless image of what it means to be a woman. While I do have those days, it’s not that way 100% of the time!!

And besides, not telling you about this side would be, in my opinion, a huge disservice to you.

When I was first starting out, I always got discouraged when I looked at what other entrepreneurs were up to because I felt like they had something I didn’t – that they were loving every part of their life and nothing ever felt like work to them!

I want you to know that it’s not all sunshine and love and light, even for me, and I also wanted to share 4 things I do to motivate myself when I want to sleep instead of work!

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Even though now I have more support than when I first started, and I’m growing a to team help me out, mostly my business consists of me doing the work!

So there are a lot of things that I haven’t outsourced yet, and I really have to push myself to do things I don’t really want to do but need to be done.

These are the times where I summon up the willpower and the grit to do it.

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Alright enough explaining – let me take you behind the scenes of exactly what I’m doing right now, in hopes that it gives you a laugh, and also makes you feel less guilty when you’re like “I SERIOUSLY don’t want to do this right now.”

As a side note, I want to admit that I didn’t want to share all of this because I was afraid of being “found out” and judged as not being perfect and super happy all of the time, but I realized this was an opportunity to walk my talk - I tell my clients to put themselves out there and be genuine all the time! And being hella happy all the time anyways is just weird.

OK, so right now I’m in the middle of finishing a ton of copy for an upcoming ad campaign, which is a massive rehaul of everything I originally wrote. It’s all growth, and it’s all for the better, but let me tell you - I am super NOT motivated to do it, and I’ve honestly been dragging my ass on it for 2 weeks.

Today is literally the last day I have to do it, and I’m writing this Podcast instead!

This HAPPENS every now and then. You have to know this is SO REAL and it’s part of being an intuitive entrepreneur, especially one who is sensitive to energy and subject to life’s energetic ups and downs!

So, what do you do when this happens to you? How do you go on and not just give up?

Trust me, I’m writing this to myself as much as I’m writing it for you!

4 Things to Do When You Want to Sleep Instead of Work!

  1. First, I think following through with difficult or unsexy tasks gets easier with time because as you go on and gain traction as an entrepreneur, you can’t exactly run away like you could when your business was just a concept, or a good idea. It’s accountability – I literally can’t just abandon my projects! This is probably the #1 reason I’m not just gonna call it a day and take a nap.

  2. Second, it’s also good to keep in mind your why, like how I mentioned earlier. My why always ties back to my core desired feelings, which is a core concept that I work with in my coaching programs. I want to feel love, radiant, beauty, free and light. Specifically, I want more luxurious travel, more time spent with my husband, to build a gorgeous home for my future children, and to have a business that fulfills me and helps so many others. Go back to your why when you’re falling apart!

  3. Third, good planning usually helps to prevent doing things you don’t want to do! For example, I structure my week so that at any given moment, I have 3 different projects I can work on to choose from. For example, writing my script for 2 Podcasts is on my list for this week, so I’m not straying from my week plan. Other things on my list that I did today: I bought a scheduling system, handled a problem with AWeber (my mailing service provider) and bought a juice cleanse for the weekend, which were all items on my to do list.

So even though I’m distracting myself from the major project at hand which is writing copy, it’s productive distraction!

The problem happens when you ignore something for so long (like in my case, writing copy) that you get into a time crunch time! If this happens, go back to tips # 1 and 2!

  1. Fourth, it helps to be aware of your energy. Specifically, know when in the month you tend to be more quiet and want to focus inward, and when you want to go full force on your projects – if you’re intuitive, being aware of your energy ups and downs is super important, and it’s much better to work with it than to have to work against it. I have a whole free program at that helps you do just that, so definitely check that out if it sounds like something you’d love to learn how to do. Also, if you’re intuitive, pay attention to the moon cycles if you’re not already – right now, I know the moon is waning, which means my energy is much quieter right, and I can’t quite go as full steam ahead as I can when the moon is waxing.

Even though I just want to sleep right now, I’m going to diffuse some peppermint oil to wake me up, and plow through! My why is way too big to flake out on.

I hope that was inspirational and insightful, loves! Let me know I’m not alone, and what you thought in the comment section below!

That’s all for this week, lightworkers! I’ll catch you next, next week for the next episode of Intuitive Tuesday.