IT 001: The Power of Habit

Click here for the audio link to today’s Podcast. Or read the transcription of the audio below. I’ve discovered a mind shift “lifehack” that has blown my mind. To sum up what I’ve read in The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, we spend a ton of time doing things without thinking, which makes us feel time-deprived and guilty for not spending time on the things we love.

Here's an example from my personal life.

After a day of working, I used to come home and do a round of cleaning before I settled in. I literally could not rest if there was a sock on the floor or a dish in the sink (can anyone else out there relate? A fellow recovering perfectionist, maybe?).

After that, I usually showered, changed into something comfortable, put my hair in a bun, cooked dinner, and relaxed for the rest of the night. Then later I'd feel super guilty for not doing anything on my nightly to-do list!

Wanna know something crazy? This was all subconscious. I wasn't aware of my automatic routine. I didn't choose it. I thought I simply didn't have enough time.

Free Your Time By Becoming Aware of Your Automatic Habits

Habits consist of a cue, a routine and a reward. My cue? Items to put away. My routine? Cleaning. My reward? A feeling of peace that accompanied having a nice, clean house.

After time, these habits become internalized and we don't even realize we're doing them - which accounts for all of that "lost" time!

Get Conscious: What Habits Suck Your Time Away?

  1. Notice your automatic habit loops - how do you really spend your time?

  2. Break your habit by removing cues or by introducing new, more aligned habits.

These cues should be intuitive and simple. For example, I leave my gym shoes by the entrance so I see them before I see the mess in the house. Work out first, clean later!

Recover Lost Time & Make Time For Your Real Passions

Your homework today: Notice 1 habit loop you do without realizing it (like checking your FB or text messages every time you see your phone).

Next, daydream. What you would rather do instead? Meditate, plan a trip, or finally gain momentum on a new business venture? Think big, and refer to your core desired feelings.

Report in the comments below and let me know - what you would do with an extra 3 hours a day?