IT 002: 4 Steps To Banishing Late Night Fears

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Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think... what the hell am I doing with my life? What if I fail miserably? What if I can't ever be happy? What if this Universe stuff is all BS? (Gasp!)

If not, then you've got it going on and don't need this post at all.

If this sounds all too familiar, then today's Podcast is perfect for you.

It was inspired by my own recent late night episode, which I got through with a process that has evolved into a fear-banishing 4 step process.

I'd love to share my 4 steps with you.

 Not an audio learner? That's OK. Read the article below.

Are you making big, light-filled changes in your life right now?

If so, chances are high that you'll run into the late night slayer of dreams: Fear.

Fear comes up when the ego feels threatened by the expansion of our light. And it comes to us when we're most vulnerable (hence the night time visits!).

It attacks us with this relentless line of questioning: what if I fail? What if I do this, and it's not enough? What if people are judging me? Why do I feel so lonely? What if this is crazy? What if people think I'm crazy? What if this doesn't work and I look stupid? What if something is wrong with me? Why can't I just be happy?

As an empath, it's easy to get overwhelmed by these strong fears that your darkness throws at you.

My mission is to empower the light and shrink the darkness, so I'm excited to share what I do when the ego rears its ugly head.

4 Steps to Banishing Late Night Fears

  1. Acknowledge the fear and see it for what it is - a feeling that needs your attention and needs to move through you

  2. Witness it

  3. Breathe & send love into it

  4. Step out of your mind and lean into the feeling (even if it's scary and unpleasant!). The temptation here is usually to distract yourself, but the only way to get this out of your environment is to work through it.

Bonus Step: Release the fear to the Universe and say the following prayer - Universe, please release this fear from me and transform it into whatever serves the world.

There you have it! The next time this happens to you, remember this process and send that little saboteur on its way.

I hope that serves you, and I will catch you next, next Tuesday for Intuitive Tuesday!