IT 029: 4 Tips To Raise Your Vibes When You’re In A Business Transition



A question I get asked all the time is, "How do I feel free, abundant, joyful, happy, purposeful, and high vibe… if I’m still in transition?"

This is such a great question. If you know a little about me, you know that I am all about staying high-vibe, no matter what. The thing is, this can get tricky, especially if your outer experiences (i.e. material world!!) isn't where you want it to be... yet.

Why is it important to be high vibe, anyway?

One of the most important reasons is... you manifest the energy that you give out.

For example, if you’re starting a business, I’m going to take a big guess that you want to feel:

  1. Free (both financially and with your time)

  2. Abundant

  3. Joyful

  4. Happy

  5. Purposeful

  6. High-vibe, radiant, energized, & confident!

So if you're giving out tired, overwhelmed, confused energy that lacks clarity and decisiveness, you get that back. It's a vicious cycle, if you let it be.

But you have a choice...

Honestly, I think it's not really a choice, but necessary for survival (especially if you've managed to find your way to my blog!).

You have to raise your vibes to the level of that which you want.

For example... if you want to be a thriving online coach and entrepreneur, ask yourself... what does the version of me who is a thriving online coach and entrepreneur feel like? What does her energy feel like? And then... channel her.

I have 4 tips for you if you’re in that weird transition place, where the Universe is catching up to you and everything you are manifesting.

  1. Daily Gratitude. This is a daily practice. Before I got to where I was, I was already thanking Uni for blessing me with a full time coaching business and a wonderful home in San Diego. Even though at that point I had ZERO clients, I KNEW they were coming, I felt it. And they did. I was also grateful for all of the things I already had - my passion to help others, my husband, my health, my kitten.

    1. Gratitude instantly focuses you on attracting the best things in your life, because you are focusing on the best - you are focusing on love.

    2. Find a gratitude practice that works for you, and don’t give up until you’ve found one - I journal every day, and I often start with "Thank You Universe for..." What would work for you?

    3. Find a tribe that elevates you. It’s important that we connect with other women who are likeminded, can lift us up and accept ALL of us at the same time. Even for introverts (and actually, perhaps especially for introverts, who tend to stay in their head a lot of the time!).

      1. Join my new introverted girl boss FB group if you’re a new entrepreneur, or thinking of becoming one.

      2. Feel your Core Desired Feelings daily. You can already live and feel your CDFs today. In fact... you actually have to in order to get some movement in your life in the direction you desire.

      3. Make raising your vibes your top priority. Take your vibes and your life seriously. Honor what it is you desire to manifest, as your desires are within you for a reason.

        1. If you find yourself resisting raising your vibes, take a look at what might be stopping you, and get honest with yourself!

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